WAHM - What It Takes

Written by Cori Sachais Swidorsky

As I’m sitting here installing a wireless mouse, I started thinking. I started to think about how much work , just inrepparttar past 4 months, I have been putting into starting a home based business. Yep, I jumped onrepparttar 148830 wham (work at home mom) ban wagon. I’m a stay at home mom of two daughters; prior to children I enjoyed my work very much. All this hype about home based businesses was going around and I immediately said “that’s for me, that’s exactly what I’m looking for”. I mean home based business; I can be a stay at home mom and getrepparttar 148831 satisfaction out of a job that I use to get when working. I currently do work very part time from home making customer service calls for a few car dealerships and I love doing it. Hearing about allrepparttar 148832 “so called” money you can make from an online business sounds extremely wonderful to me. Is it for real? Are people really makingrepparttar 148833 money they are saying? Well if they are, I want in on it too. So how will I know if I don’t takerepparttar 148834 chance myself? So like I mentioned, it’s only been 4 months and wowrepparttar 148835 work you have to put into it. But guess what? That’s what I love about working, having to “work”, use your brain, face challenges, and overcome obstacles that to me is satisfaction. In this article I want to share what I have learned about what it takes so far, to even take on this challenge. •Time - Something we all need more of. It probably takes a minimum of 10 hours a week to put into starting your home based business. I put probably 15 to almost 20 hours a week in. You need to remember it’s a job, you are building a business you MUST put inrepparttar 148836 time in order to be successful. •Patience – Which I don’t have much of. I am learning and realizing that not only do you need to put in time, but it “takes” time to build up your business. Not only do you need to be patient with building it, but you need to be patient with your kids. It’s an adjustment for them to now have to share you with your work. You now have to juggle more then what you are use to. Withrepparttar 148837 added stress, it’s understandable to lose your patience. Being patient will help us to focus more and lessenrepparttar 148838 stress.

Generate Leads, Sales & Traffic For Free

Written by Virginia R. Sanders

The best way to promote your product, service or opportunity online is via direct, targeted permission emails.

Most marketers don’t know how to get individuals to opt into their list.

Building a permission email list is a great effort- too great forrepparttar time restrictions we have to live under day after day.

Believe me, I ran an ezine. To get people to subscribe I allowedrepparttar 148698 new subscriber to run a 5-line ad.

Unfortunately,repparttar 148699 subscribers are mostly new on-line marketers and are hyped onrepparttar 148700 hype.

The ads they submitted were for scam programs or programs that would not work forrepparttar 148701 average person online.

The “subscribers-for-ads” process was arduous and not very lucrative . My subscribers would complain if their ad did not run on a certain day. There was a limited amount of space to run 20-30 ads.

This method of building a list was too cumbersome. This is HARD work - that provides no payback. You will be lucky if you get 1 in 10 to purchase your product because these individuals are sellers not buyers.

**Click Exchanges will exercise your fingers and your pocketbook andrepparttar 148702 payback is very slow. You can click exchange until your fingers are numb and stillrepparttar 148703 number of people who subscribe to your list is a dismal few.

**Those lead capture pages only work if someone finds your lead capture page.

**When we try to purchase leads,repparttar 148704 word SPAM keeps popping out at us.

So I took onrepparttar 148705 challenge

How do I get people to leave me their name and email address so I can email them about my product service or opportunity?

It is frustrating to do allrepparttar 148706 right things and still walk away with zero, nada, nothing.

The answer to my dilemma was staring me (and probably you) inrepparttar 148707 face for years.

How many times have you submitted your product service to a Free Classified Site?

Getting results from advertising on a Classified Ad Site was feasible years ago. Today, your ad gets lost in a multitude of ads from thousands of other submitters.

Thousands of submitters?humm...? Who gets access to their information. I turnedrepparttar 148708 situation around. In order to post their adsrepparttar 148709 submitters must provide information.

"So... Never a poster to a site you be. Ownrepparttar 148710 Site and getrepparttar 148711 names and emails for FREE."

I did a quick survey of people who owned Classified Ad Sites onrepparttar 148712 net. All of these owners agree these sites are powerful automated money-makers.

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