Vulnerability Assessment and Network Security

Written by Vlad Sharoiko

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Network security is a dynamic process because ofrepparttar new threats and vulnerabilities that are uncovered every day. Your software may be secure today, butrepparttar 143728 intense pace of upgrades will continue to createrepparttar 143729 openings for new issues to arise. According to statistics released byrepparttar 143730 CERT Coordination Center, more than 300 vulnerabilities are reported every month. The process of discovering them, determiningrepparttar 143731 potential security risk, and recommending fixes is called a Vulnerability Assessment.

A Network Vulnerability Assessment can:

Identify any potential security breaches a hacker could exploit

Analyze discovered vulnerabilities existing inrepparttar 143732 network

Provide a detailed explanation ofrepparttar 143733 recommended fix for each threat

Despiterepparttar 143734 fact that most security measures are put in place to protect a network fromrepparttar 143735 malicious outside world, many intrusion attempts are now happening from insiderepparttar 143736 organization. Withrepparttar 143737 proliferation of laptops and handhelds,repparttar 143738 possibility of an internal intrusion has greatly increased. For this reason, a complete assessment should be done with scanners located inside and outsiderepparttar 143739 network to determine if potential issues exist in either place.

In addition,repparttar 143740 reports generated should be structured for 2 levels of review. The Executive Report should represent a high level overview ofrepparttar 143741 number of vulnerabilities detected, whilerepparttar 143742 IT Department should receive a highly detailed report containing descriptions of each vulnerability and explanations ofrepparttar 143743 fixes recommended for each one.

The key features of a Vulnerability Assessment are:

Automated scanning of internal and external network devices Scan schedules customized to times of least activity onrepparttar 143744 network Full SSL support to scan SSLized services such as https, smtps, & imaps  Smart service recognition to detect services moved to non-standard ports Non-destructive scanning to avoid interruption of normal network activity Complete reporting designed for 2 levels of review

A Vulnerability Assessment should be performed on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on network size and usage. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day, including ones that can provide back door access through desktops or laptops already connected torepparttar 143745 network. Even a configuration change or faulty upgrade can introduce an opportunity for breach that was not available a week ago. Testing and review on a regular basis can help discover potential issues and reducerepparttar 143746 possible damage that can be done torepparttar 143747 network, and in turn,repparttar 143748 productivity ofrepparttar 143749 organization.

Blu ray: what is next

Written by Chuck Red

Blu ray is a next generation optical media format developed byrepparttar Blu ray disc association, a group of leading consumer electronics and technology companies such as Apple, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, TDK to name, but a few.

The format was developed for high definition video, as well as storing large amounts of data. A single layer Blu ray disc can hold 25gb of data, which isrepparttar 143661 equivalent to over 2 hours of high definition television or more than 13 hours of standard definition television. There are also dual layer versions of Blu ray that can hold up to 50Gb of data.

While current optical media uses a red laser to read and write data,repparttar 143662 new format uses a blue-violet laser instead. Despiterepparttar 143663 different type of lasers uses, Blu ray drives can be made backwards compatible.

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