Vote for Your 0wn Website. Nobody Will Mind.

Written by Ron Hutton

Copyright 2005 Ron Hutton

OK boys and girls. Today we're having a pop quiz.

I heard that groan. Don't worry. This will be over in a matter of seconds.

Q1: "__________" is King.

Q2: Link "____________" and link "____________" matter oodles to Google.

The answers are provided inrepparttar following...

Are you hearing a lot of talk from marketers about writing and submitting artic|es to art:cle directories and other ezine publishers? I knew you were. There's been a glut of articles on writing articles. For good reason.

Now I haven't been actively writing and submitting articles until just recently, butrepparttar 136063 effects have been noticeable. So, what have I noticed?

Inrepparttar 136064 last 4 weeks, I submitted three artic|es to a broad network of article directories and announcement groups. Yes, I did take one week off. So call me a slacker. The three article titles that I submitted were:

"How to Put Your Bookmark on Top Every Time."

"When a Customer Has Done Everything to Get Your Goat"

"We'll fix that later..."

I'm going to reportrepparttar 136065 following numbers in real time as I'm writing this article. This relates to "Q2" above. You can do this too because I'll describe each step exactly. It's real simple.

1) Go to 2) Typerepparttar 136066 exact article title for each ofrepparttar 136067 following titles and put it inside of quotation marks. (The quotation marks force Google to look forrepparttar 136068 exact phrase.) 3) Clickrepparttar 136069 "Google Search" button, and... 3) Be am@zed.

Google reports:

"How to Put Your Bookmark on Top Every Time" - Indexed on 5,820 pages

"When a Customer Has Done Everything to Get Your Goat" - Indexed on 62 pages

"We'll fix that later..." - Indexed on 554 pages

Now, am I going to tell you that in 3 weeks time I've managed to generate 6,436 inbound links to my website? Not. Submitting artic|es doesn't do those kinds of miracles, but my artic|es are definitely out there for other webmasters and ezine publishers to use.

Unique visitor count to has double since starting my article submissions, and asrepparttar 136070 artic|es get picked up and published,repparttar 136071 inbound links will continue to materialize with time. Not a bad investment of time sincerepparttar 136072 entire process of writingrepparttar 136073 article and submitting it takes no more than one hour per week.

Inbound links pointing to your website are a very good thing to have. This is part 1 answer to question 2 above.

Link Popularity.

The second part ofrepparttar 136074 answer to question 2 above is equally important. You see, it's not just how many inbound links are out there voting for your site, but it's also important that they're voting forrepparttar 136075 right thing.

Link Reputation.

Let's say you have a website that promotes running shoes, and you write an article onrepparttar 136076 wonderful benefits of odor eaters. When you write your article, you'll haverepparttar 136077 opportunity to include a resource box atrepparttar 136078 end of your article and this is where you can capitalize on your chance to build link reputation.

Outsourcing your work...

Written by Richard Grady

Copyright 2005 Richard Grady

A few weeks ago I touched onrepparttar subject of getting other people to do your work for you. I want to cover this topic in a bit more detail as outsourcing is a superb way of saving yourself both time and money.

By way of example, let me start with a short story :-)

At 8.30pm one night last week, I started to wonder whether it would be possible to automate a particular part of one of my website design processes. At present I do this task semi-manually and it takes me about 4 hours to generate a multi-page website.

Anyway, by 8.45pm I had scratched out an outline of what I would need a new custom piece of software to do to automate this task and by 8.59pmrepparttar 136062 'project' was advertised on one ofrepparttar 136063 main freelance websites....

Within 2 minutes I hadrepparttar 136064 first bid from a programmer....

Within 15 minutes I had four more bids....

Within 45 minutes I had accepted a bid andrepparttar 136065 programmer was working onrepparttar 136066 project.

Two days and $75 later (and with less than an hours work required by me) and I had a brand new piece of custom software which can completerepparttar 136067 task in question in seconds rather than hours!

With several excellent freelance sites around nowadays, it is very easy to find a programmer/web designer/writer/whatever that will be happy to work with you andrepparttar 136068 cost (as illustrated above) will often be far less than you might expect.

If you spend some time thinking aboutrepparttar 136069 type of tasks you could outsource, I am sure you will soon come up with a fairly substantial list. The following are just a few ideas:

Website design Website maintenance Copywriting General writing - for example of an entire eBook! Software design/creation (for your own use or resale) Graphic design Script installation (and creation) Dealing with your support emails Finding new affiliates Finding new link exchange partners

And sorepparttar 136070 list goes on....

Of course, as with anything, there are a few things to be aware of when outsourcing so here are my top tips for a successful project:

1. Only post your project onrepparttar 136071 main freelance sites (list below). This will give yourepparttar 136072 best exposure andrepparttar 136073 highest level of competition from bidders. This means keen pricing and a good range of expertise from which to choose from.

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