Volkswagen Touran Hymotion: Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle Plus Top Rate VW Replacement Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

Automakers know that rising oil prices and tougher environmental rules will increaserepparttar public's interest in vehicles that use less fuel with reduced tail pipe emissions.

Hybrids increase fuel efficiency by capturingrepparttar 142047 energy normally lost to friction braking and storing it in a battery for later use when driving power is again required. Unlike internal combustion engine hybrids, Volkswagen's hydrogen fuel cell hybrid emits only water.

The VW Touran Hymotion has high-torque electric motor that draws its power from a fuel cell and is absolutely emission free. The standard version, driven by petrol and diesel engines, which are as agile as they are economical, is by farrepparttar 142048 most successful van available in Germany. Inrepparttar 142049 Touran HyMotion, an 80 kW electric motor provides vehement propulsion.

The core element of this fuel cell is an extremely thin plastic film (membrane). This spatially separatesrepparttar 142050 reagents, hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is broken down into positively and negatively charged particles (protons and electrons). The protons are able to pass directly throughrepparttar 142051 membrane, whilstrepparttar 142052 electrons take a more indirect route via an external current circuit, drivingrepparttar 142053 electric motor. Onrepparttar 142054 other side ofrepparttar 142055 membrane,repparttar 142056 protons, electrons and oxygen combine to form water.

2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid and Ford Performance Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

The Mercury Mariner Hybrid uses both gasoline engine and electric motor, which gives a 50% increase in driving efficiency with a much lower emission. All this is achieved byrepparttar use of 6 powertrain components, which work in perfect unison. Ford motor has 40 patents in hybrid engine technology and 70 pending.

"The greatest appeal ofrepparttar 142046 Mercury Mariner Hybrid is that it satisfies both your environmental conscience and sense of style. Mariner Hybrid retainsrepparttar 142047 clean, tailored appearance ofrepparttar 142048 conventional Mariner," said Peter Horbury, Executive Director, North American Design.

Being a full hybrid,repparttar 142049 Mercury Mariner employs both series- and parallel-hybrid characteristics. The gasoline engine shuts down to conserve fuel during coasting, at stoplights, and at low speeds. The electric motor, drawing electricity fromrepparttar 142050 battery, is able to driverepparttar 142051 vehicle without assistance up to 25 mph.

It has 2.3-liter DOHC Duratec four-cylinder engine with 2 ac electric motors with 250 D-size nickel-metal hydride batteries in a compact, rear-mounted, sealed package. The vehicle could go up to 25 mph with only electric power. The gas engine automatically shuts down at stoplights, during coasting or while vehicle is crawling at low speeds. 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid has a greater fuel economy in city driving where electric motor runsrepparttar 142052 vehicle up to as much as 25 mph.

The Mariner hybrid has 16-inch, five-spoke aluminum wheels wrapped with 235/70R-16 all-season tires and a discreet air vent inrepparttar 142053 driver's side rear-quarter window that helps coolrepparttar 142054 rear-mounted nickel-metal hydride battery pack. It has an all-new Intelligent 4WD System, which automatically transfers torque from front to rear as required by road conditions without driver intervention.

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