Volkswagen Passat with Nokia Blue Tooth Technology: VW Aftermarket and Replacement Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

Volkswagen isrepparttar first automaker to offer its customers a factory-fitted automotive communication solution that supportsrepparttar 143258 Bluetooth SIM Access Profile. The handset integration product provides compatibility with a wide range of mobile phones from various manufacturers. A mobile phone holder is also offered as an option for users who wish to charge their phone inrepparttar 143259 car.

The Nokia Car Phone with Bluetooth Technology forrepparttar 143260 VW Passat is set for launch in Europe and Asia in 2nd quarter 2005."Forrepparttar 143261 first time, an automaker is offering a communication solution usingrepparttar 143262 Bluetooth SIM Access Profile that is factory-fitted inrepparttar 143263 vehicle. This represents an important engineering achievement: we have taken a further step toward universality and factory-installed, integrated communication solutions. The user can now take advantage of wide-ranging compatibility with a large number of mobile phones without having to rely on aftermarket solutions", says Marcus Stahl, General Manager Nokia Automotive.

The Nokia Car Phone with Bluetooth Technology can accessrepparttar 143264 SIM card ofrepparttar 143265 compatible mobile phone and log ontorepparttar 143266 GSM network. As soon asrepparttar 143267 user gets out ofrepparttar 143268 car or presses a certain button on his mobile phone,repparttar 143269 receiving mode is deactivated andrepparttar 143270 mobile phone automatically logs back ontorepparttar 143271 mobile network. The VW Passat's Nokia Blue Tooth includes key functions such as radio mute and downloading of phonebook entries from compatible mobile phones via Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as additional basic functions such as voice dial, taking and ending calls, and redial.

The New Mercedes Bens E320 CDI Now the World’s Most Successful Luxury Car Line Maintained by Superior Performance Benz Performance Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

Equipped withrepparttar latest innovative diesel technology,repparttar 142913 E320 CDI has 201 hp and 369 lb-ft. of torque, enough to propelrepparttar 142914 car to 100 km/h onrepparttar 142915 test track in just 7.0 seconds. Good performance, low exhaust emissions, great fuel economy and low noise levels this latest generation of electronically injected CDI engines is changing consumers' dated perceptions about diesel engines.

Like all diesels,repparttar 142916 E320 CDI gets great fuel mileage and has increased cruising range over a comparable gasoline-powered car. What's more important,repparttar 142917 E320 CDI will do that without sacrificing performance. The E320 CDI gets 8.9/5.9 l/100km for city and highway driving, respectively, while virtually equalingrepparttar 142918 acceleration ofrepparttar 142919 gasoline V6. Thanks to its CDI electronic fuel injection, evenrepparttar 142920 usual diesel engine sound is muted. From insiderepparttar 142921 vehicle at idle,repparttar 142922 E320 CDI registers just 44 decibels. For comparison: An average doorbell produces about 75 decibels.

The double-wishbone ofrepparttar 142923 E320 CDI front suspension is similar to that ofrepparttar 142924 S-Class, and its patented five-link rear suspension provides unparalleled wheel motion control.

The E320 CDI comes standard with four-zone climate control that allows different temperature settings forrepparttar 142925 rear outboard passengers as well asrepparttar 142926 driver and front passenger. A long list of standard equipment include power tilt and telescoping steering wheel, power windows with one-touch up/down operation and auto-dimming mirrors. A power flip-down panel inrepparttar 142927 centre console opens to reveal extra storage space orrepparttar 142928 optional six-disc CD changer.

The standard COMAND display, which can be fitted with an optional DVD-based navigation system, also includes a nine-speaker audio system with surround sound. An optional harman/kardon LOGIC7 system takes high performance audio to a new level with seven-channel digital surround sound, 420 Watts of total output and 12 high-end speakers.

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