Volkswagen Passat 2005: Body and Chassis for Volkswagen Parts at Parts Train

Written by Jenny Mc Lane

The Volkswagen Passat 2005 features a powerful design. The new VW face with its chrome radiator representsrepparttar greatest design progression sincerepparttar 136780 creation ofrepparttar 136781 series.

The new Passat is 4.77 metres long (+ 62mm), 1.82 metres wide (+ 74mm) and 1.47 metres tall (+ 10 mm). The wheelbase measures 2.71 metres. One real indicator of outstanding quality isrepparttar 136782 static torsional stiffness. .

Volkswagen is usingrepparttar 136783 FSI engines with homogeneous direct injection forrepparttar 136784 first time inrepparttar 136785 Passat. They deliver 85kW / 115hp, 110kW / 150hp and 147kW / 200hp (Turbo FSI).

The Passat TDI will also be available with a diesel particulate filter. The most powerful TDI featuresrepparttar 136786 innovative Piezo high-pressure unit-injector system. The petrol engines with outputs of 85kW / 115hp, 110kW / 150hp and 147kW / 200hp can be optionally combined with a driver-friendly six-speed automatic gearbox

Using aluminum components (weight: -13.3 kilogrammes) guarantee a maximum level of agility, comfort and safety, it has new four-link rear axle, which has been decoupled fromrepparttar 136787 body to reduce noise, along withrepparttar 136788 McPherson front.

The chassis technology has been perfected withrepparttar 136789 ESP + Trailer Stabilizations that comes as standard on all vehicles with a tow bar. All Passats have 16-inch brakes with an integrated “wiper” function. The brake pads are applied lightly at specific intervals. This “wipes away” any water film that may have formed while driving on wet surfaces and thus shortensrepparttar 136790 braking distance.

Should I Buy a Car at A Car Auction?

Written by Graeme J. Sprigge

Should I Buy a Car at A Car Auction?

Car/Auto Auctions have been around for years and dealers get a lot of stock from auctions.

But forrepparttar average person buying a car from an auction is not so simple.

Yes, you can get a cheaper car, but yourepparttar 136779 reason it is cheaper is that you are not getting allrepparttar 136780 guarantees. Basically, you bid on it. You own it.

If you are a conservative person without much experience in motor vehicles, I would recommend that you do not just go out and buy a car from an auction.

However, if you have a mechanical eye, good observation and are willing to familiarize yourself withrepparttar 136781 process, then it can be a good way to pick up a bargain.

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