Volcano Tours In Baņos Ecuador

Written by Steve Gilman

In June of 2004, my wife and I spent a week in Banos, Ecuador. Our clean hotel room, with cable TV, cost $6 per night. It was $12 normally, but we're good negotiators. We paid just $1 for lunch each day ($2.25 total for both, with tip), which was usually chicken, rice, beans, salad and juice. Sometimes we splurged and paid $1.50 at a nicer place.

Evenings we went to Santo Pecado ("saint/sinner") or one ofrepparttar other discos. Our favorite was Tuparina, perhaps due torepparttar 148781 huayusa, a drink made of a psychadelic plant collected byrepparttar 148782 family ofrepparttar 148783 owner. Most days I played chess inrepparttar 148784 open market inrepparttar 148785 center of town, with Manolo or Rene, or other locals.

Getting Into Hot Water In Baņos

There are two hot spring facilities in Baņos, and two with cold water. These are some ofrepparttar 148786 best hot springs in Ecuador. One is atrepparttar 148787 base of a waterfall that tumbles fromrepparttar 148788 mountain above. You can walk to it from anywhere in town, and it costs just a dollar, or a little more if you want to enjoyrepparttar 148789 mineral-rich waters underrepparttar 148790 stars each evening. A sign documentsrepparttar 148791 various minerals that are inrepparttar 148792 water, and many come to alleviate their arthritis or other illnesses.

Volcano Tours In Baņos

Ofrepparttar 148793 dozens of volcanos in Ecuador, several are active. One ofrepparttar 148794 most active is Tungurahua, which overlooks Banos. To see it, you need to get out of town, because Baņos is set deep inrepparttar 148795 surrounding lush, green mountains, which blockrepparttar 148796 view. The best way to get a good look is on a "volcano tour." There are a couple operations in Banos that take you on tours to see an eruption. Watch for one ofrepparttar 148797 "chivas" circling town and blasting loud music inrepparttar 148798 evening. A chiva is an open-sided bus of sorts, with seating inside or onrepparttar 148799 roof.

The land of the sun and the good wine

Written by Gustavo Roitman

The city of San Rafael - Mendoza in Argentina, offers a wide variety of travel resources for all ages. This resources include: hiking, horse riding, trekking, raffting, parapente, kayak, climbing, among others.

If you are not interested in adventure tourism, you can enjoyrepparttar beautiful natural landscapes which San Rafael counts with.

For those who are lovers ofrepparttar 148780 culture ofrepparttar 148781 wine,repparttar 148782 city of San Rafael is worldwide

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