Voices In Your Head

Written by Steve Gillman

Doctor Julian Jaynes wrote about a woman who talked daily to her long-dead grandmother, who she saw sitting in a chair each morning. As far asrepparttar doctor could tell,repparttar 143247 woman never suffered any ill effects from this. In fact, she readily accepted that it was a hallucination, which didn't bother her at all. She just foundrepparttar 143248 conversations, and her grandmother's advice, helpful.

Advice From Ghosts

Hallucinations aren't necessary, but why not have a conversation in your head with somebody helpful? If you want advice on love, talk torepparttar 143249 Dalai Lama. Talk to Andrew Carnegie or Lee Iacocca if you want to make a factory more productive. Albert Einstein might even give you a creative idea or two.

Imagination Needs Form To Function

You have a powerful imagination, but you may not have a powerful way to use it. This is what you get with a conversation in your head; a way to accessrepparttar 143250 creative power of your mind. You'll be surprized how often your imaginary Einstein comes up with an interesting idea, or asks you a question that produces something useful.

Enter The No Fear Zone

Written by Niambi Jarvis

A few months ago I delivered a speech entitled Just Do It in honor of a women’s day service. I tookrepparttar time to share withrepparttar 143150 congregation one of my testimonies and how God has blessed me with a “Just Do It” spirit. Sitting back several months later and having spoken to many of my friends and even contemplating on earlier times in my life…I realize that before you can Just Do It you must enterrepparttar 143151 No Fear Zone.

I recognize that both concepts create visions ofrepparttar 143152 fearless conquest of one’s dreams. That, in and of itself, stops women dead in their tracks. I have been walking inrepparttar 143153 No Fear Zone for a couple of years now. I wasn’t aware of when I entered it initially. But as I began to share stories with friends and colleagues, they had a hard time believing that I suffered from fear. Actually I not only battled with fear, but I also suffered with anxiety…fear’s ugly little cousin.

We all knowrepparttar 143154 old saying, “There’s nothing to fear, but fear itself.” Well, I don’t know of a more true statement. Fear is not real…it is an illusion that wraps itself around us and our dreams. Fear sounds like a roaring lion, when in reality it’s just a little kitten. Fear smells like a 3-alarm fire, when in reality it’s just a little smoke. Fear looks like a mountain of obstacles—when in reality it’s just a few hills of doubt. Fear tastes like poison—when in reality it’s just a bitter taste on your tongue.

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