Voice over IP Offers Your Business an Inexpensive Alternative To Toll Free Numbers

Written by Jason Morris

New businesses can now let their customers contact them for free or inexpensively withrepparttar use of Voice over IP telephony, without having to leaserepparttar 147326 ever more expensive toll free numbers offered by many telecoms companies aroundrepparttar 147327 world. With Voice over IP telephony, local numbers can be setup in scores of towns and cities across a country at relatively low costs. These can then connect to a central Voice over IP service provider, which will allow free or low rate calls to you from your customers.

Internet telephony or Voice over IP as it is more commonly known has been hailed asrepparttar 147328 next big thing inrepparttar 147329 telecommunications world for quite some time. Inrepparttar 147330 past it has been plagued with poor sound and connection quality, as well as complex and frustrating installations.

With huge advances in Voice over IP technology inrepparttar 147331 last few years, you no longer have to sit at your computer in order to make a phone call overrepparttar 147332 Internet using Voice over IP. It is now possible to use an ordinary phone, connected to a Voice over IP adaptor (gateway). Some specialised Voice over IP phones (IP phones) have this technology built into their circuitry, effectively allowing you to plug and play.

Be In When You're Out

Written by Jason Morris

Busy entrepreneurs cannot be at their desk twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your calls routed to your mobile phone, or find out who has called you first without having to wade through a large amount of voice mail messages when you get back torepparttar office?

Until recentlyrepparttar 147325 costs of buying a phone system that providesrepparttar 147326 above facilities and more, was and still is astronomical. Now companies have an alternative.

Newly developed software packages are providing businesses with a cost effective solution. These new software based intelligent phone systems allow you to stay in touch with your business, wherever you are. The software is installed on a dedicated Windows 2000 server and connected to a telephone line. These intelligent phone systems can forward calls to anywhere you request, and allow you to view a log of all your voice mail messages on your computer screen.

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