Voice Mail - What to Look For In A Good Business Voice Mail System

Written by Jason Morris

In its simplest form a voice mail system is essentially just another phone answering system. They store their messages on a computer disk. Each user is assigned a mailbox where they only have access to his or her messages. They are also password protected so onlyrepparttar assigned user can accessrepparttar 147330 messages in their mailbox. Voice mail systems also allow each user to create their own greeting message. This enablesrepparttar 147331 user to pass on instructions or important messages without takingrepparttar 147332 call.

Voice mails systems are usually additional features of existing in house phone systems. When deciding which voice mail system to purchase you need to look at two key aspects of each one:repparttar 147333 number of user ports andrepparttar 147334 hours of memory that is allocated to messages.

Business Phone Systems - Types Of Systems Available

Written by Jason Morris

There are three major types of phone system available: KSU-Less phones, Key systems and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems. Which type of phone system you choose will depend onrepparttar amount of extensions you require andrepparttar 147329 features your telephone system needs to have installed.

KSU-Less systems

KSU-Less systems are usually more suited to companies that typically have less than ten employees, or require less than ten extensions. That isn’t to say that all companies requiring less than ten phone extensions can make do with a KSU-Less system. It may be that you require more features which are only available through either a PBX or Key phone system.

Requiring a far lower initial investment thanrepparttar 147330 other types of business phone systems, KSU-Less phones are specifically designed to include many ofrepparttar 147331 features usually only available throughrepparttar 147332 implementation of a full small business phone system.

KSU-Less systems can be easily unplugged and relocated, because they are not permanently wired into your office. This portability allows you to treat a KSU-Less phone system, muchrepparttar 147333 same as any business machine, rather than a lost permanent investment.

You will need to ensure that any KSU-Less system you choose is compatible not only withrepparttar 147334 type of wiring you have in your office, but also with any accessories you may already have, such as: headsets, answering & fax machines and modems. Because KSU-Less phone systems are relatively inexpensive, they are not usually sold, installed, or maintained by telecoms vendors.

All of this means, you have to go out there and do not onlyrepparttar 147335 shopping yourself but, alsorepparttar 147336 installation and support. This is one ofrepparttar 147337 two major drawbacks of KSU-Less systems. The last thing any business needs is to be concerned withrepparttar 147338 reliability and maintenance of its phone system. Another drawback of KSU-Less systems is that they are more prone to something known as “crosstalk”. This is where separate conversations may blend into each other. With PBX, Key systems and Hybrid systems falling in price, it sometimes makes more sense to invest in a full business phone system, rather than become susceptible torepparttar 147339 risks of a KSU-Less system.

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