VoIP Training Center

Written by Michael Lemm

There's a nice little VoIP training center courtesy of VoIP News anyone interested in VoIP should visit. Actually it's a comprehensive listing and review of training and certification programs offered aroundrepparttar world, online, and in CDs, videos and books. Perfect resource for every business considering deploying VoIP technology is some form or other.


Is Skype Taking Over VoIP In North America??

Written by Michael Lemm

Ifrepparttar news from broadband management company Sandvine is any indication...the answer is yes. At least for residential anyway. Calls using Skype account for nearly half ofrepparttar 146330 VOIP minutes used (46.2%) and about 40% ofrepparttar 146331 VOIP bandwidth used in North America, according to an analysis done by Sandvine. That puts Skype usage ahead of Vonage, Cablevision, and other popular branded residential VOIP offerings. In fact, Sandvine says Skype users account for 35.8% of individual VOIP callers on North American networks.

Now again....look deeper. That's residential users......not business. Skype can't deliverrepparttar 146332 capability, capacity, and reliability businesses require. Plus residential Skype users are tied to a PC and headset arrangement. Businesses balk at that restriction. So Skype is still a nice alternative forrepparttar 146333 regular Joe....for now.

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