VoIP Technology For The Little Guy....With Worldwide Origination

Written by Michael Lemm

Not everyone inrepparttar world has sufficient internet access capability to take advantage ofrepparttar 133329 benefits from VoIP. Shoot....most folks are lucky to have 1 phone line for that matter. This dose of reality kinda putsrepparttar 133330 dampers onrepparttar 133331 "VoIP will take overrepparttar 133332 world" conspiracy theory.

But hold on there Junior....the little guy may just have found a hero.

Mail2speak, a US-based company, is offering users cut-throat rates to place international calls. But wait until you learn how they do it....read on.

For example......

* You can callrepparttar 133333 US and UK from South Africa for R1.35 a minute. Telkom charges between double and triplerepparttar 133334 price for these calls. Calls to Australia from SA are also about 50% cheaper.

* You can call anywhere inrepparttar 133335 United States and most of Europe from Malaysia for just 45 sen per minute compared to 98 sen per minute at present charged by a local company using land lines. For mobile phones,repparttar 133336 calls will be 68 sen per minute as opposed to 98 sen. A call to China costs 50 sen per minute on a fixed line compared to 1.98 RM by fixed line charged by a local company.

* You can call anywhere inrepparttar 133337 United States and much of Europe from Brazil for around 0.33 BRL.

* You can call Japan from Italy for 0.11 EUR......the US for 0.08 EUR.

* You can call India from UAE for 2.63 AED.......the UK for 1.74 AED.

Those are just a small sample of what is available.


What makesrepparttar 133338 service unique is that unlike other Internet telephony applications, mail2speak does not require a microphone, a software download or a dedicated broadband connection with special equipment. All that is required to userepparttar 133339 service is access torepparttar 133340 website and an open phone line or cellphone to receive a call. You can place an international call from any phone or mobile/PDA at super low rates.

The Motor's Best Friend

Written by Thomas Yoon

The starting current of motor can become 3 to 6 timesrepparttar normal running current! That's normal for motors. The motor can experience this high current for a period ranging from 20 to 50 seconds.

A fuse will not be very useful in protecting a motor from this type of overload condition. A selected fuse large enough to permit passage ofrepparttar 133328 necessary starting current would give little or no protection against overheating ofrepparttar 133329 windings under normal running load conditions. The same case happens forrepparttar 133330 circuit breaker.

Overload relays offer protection of motors that is both compatible withrepparttar 133331 starting current ofrepparttar 133332 circuit, andrepparttar 133333 requirement of protection inrepparttar 133334 event of overload running condition. These conditions need to be adjustable. A particular motor requiring 56 seconds starting time under normal load will suffer serious damage ifrepparttar 133335 rotor locks andrepparttar 133336 motor is not tripped in 20 seconds. Another motor may be able to withstand 25 percent overload for 30 minutes. A hermetically sealed compressor motor may burn in 3 minutes at 25 percent overload!

Good protection against overheating ofrepparttar 133337 motor windings can be obtained from temperature monitoring protector devices that are embedded intorepparttar 133338 motor windings. These do not protectrepparttar 133339 motor itself, but act as sensors to trigger a temperature control circuit to stoprepparttar 133340 motor.

A thermal overload relay, however, uses a heating element to heat up a bimetallic strip so that it can trip a latch that will open repparttar 133341 motor control circuit. This action will disconnectrepparttar 133342 motor fromrepparttar 133343 line.

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