VoIP Communications Set Up Demo With Circuit City's

Written by Nate Perkins, CEO

 1-866-904-VoIP 893 Highway 138 W Suites 10 Stockbridge, GA 30281

December 9, 2004

Circuit City Store ATTN: General Manager/Mr. Will Hughes 1906 Mt Zion Road Morrow, GA 30360

Dear Mr. Will Hughes: Per request by Mrs. Sara, atrepparttar Circuit City Corporate Main Office at 1.800.251.2665 at 1054 am, on Dec 8, 2004, suggested and approved that we contact you on my company letter head about setting up a VoIP Communications Demo Display VideoPhone in your store area duringrepparttar 107956 holiday. (All Metro-Outlet) With these arrangements,repparttar 107957 VoIP Communications will conduct media ads with your store demo, forrepparttar 107958 shopper to visit and seerepparttar 107959 display VideoPhones.

We are an Atlanta start-up VoIP Communications with Escape International and 8x8, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGHT),repparttar 107960 Packet8 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and videophone communications service provider, announcedrepparttar 107961 availability of its DTA Broadband Phone Adapter and DV 326 Broadband Videophone at VoIP Communications http://www.voippacket8.net with Escape International Company: http://www.escapeinternational.com/, whose broadband VideoPhone service with Freedom Unlimited U.S & Canada Video calling broadband software lets anyone become a small-scale Internet business provider, Virtual Office hosted PBX Services and a Home-based business.

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