VoIP Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

Written by Nate Perkins, CEO VoIP Communications

Promotional Offer One-Week Extension

We are happy to announcerepparttar extension of our December Promotional Offer for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Communications Customers. BE 100% SURE TO GET YOUR TSUNAMI RELIEF, FRIENDS AND FAMILY ON THE VoIP PRODUCT WHILE WE HAVE THIS EXTENSION.

Due torepparttar 107943 computer mix-up on Dec. 30th and 31st, our partners at Packet8 have agreed to extendrepparttar 107944 promotion starting Monday Night 1/10/05 at 8pmest. thru Friday Night 1/14/05 at 8pmest.

The Promotion isrepparttar 107945 following FOR THIS WEEK ONLY!!! FREE UNIT = ($60 Value) FREE ACTIVATION = ($29 Value) (2) FREE MONTHS SERVICE = ($40 Value) Total Savings of $129

Keeping in touch with International long distance

Written by Raymond Klesc

Whether you have a family member, clients, customers or mlm team members overseas you soon learnrepparttar true meaning looong distance. The world is a big place andrepparttar 107942 distance between you and your contact in a far away land translates into a substantial sum on your monthly telephone bill. If you are making those calls using your regular long distance carrier, it would not be unusual to pay as much as $200 for a one-hour phone call. I hope to show you a better way to make those calls while saving as much as 93% of your normal long distance phone bill.

You can, perhaps, get better rates using an international calling plan of some sort. But if you are interested in getting substantial savings then you need to look into voice over IP (VoIP).

The promises of VoIP have finally come to reality. What got off to a rocky start several years ago has now matured into a sophisticated telephone alternative that will rival traditional telephone services for years to come. Voice over IP allows you to place calls to any part ofrepparttar 107943 planet usingrepparttar 107944 Internet. When combined with a high-speed Internet access, DSL or cable/satellite connection,repparttar 107945 results are clear, reliable telephone calls at a fraction ofrepparttar 107946 cost.

Using VoIP for your long distance calling, whether withinrepparttar 107947 United States or overseas, you will be able to keep your costs down while building your business. The best part is that you will be able to keep in contact more often, spend more quality time onrepparttar 107948 line and pay less - perhaps much less - then you are paying today.

By way of example, I regularly place calls betweenrepparttar 107949 United States and Indonesia. Inrepparttar 107950 past these calls would average about $50. Using VoIPrepparttar 107951 calls are now averaging less than $4.

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