Vitamin Smoothies to Beat the Summer Heat

Written by Jeff Matson

Vitamin smoothies are a great way to enjoy a cold beverage and relax on a hot summer day. Smoothies are not only delicious, but they are good for you as well, providing many nutritional benefits which will improve your dietary habits. These refreshments are perfect for long car rides, picnics or to make at home to enjoy in front ofrepparttar television. Some ofrepparttar 145782 most popular types of smoothies include protein smoothies, energy drinks and vitamin smoothies, but it is important to knowrepparttar 145783 ingredients in these drinks in order to determine which type of drink suits your lifestyle.

  • Protein Smoothies - Protein is known asrepparttar 145784 building block for muscles and insufficient amounts of protein will make it difficult to obtain muscle mass and grow larger muscles. Protein supplements are available in powder forms and can easily be added to smoothies in order to build your muscles faster. A large container of protein will cost about $30.00.

    Who Drinks Them? Protein smoothies are great for individuals looking to build larger muscles in a short amount of time. Protein is also used for individuals looking to lose weight while maintaining strong and healthy muscles. Body-builders and weight lifters often use protein supplements.

  • Energy Drinks - Energy drinks include stimulants, vitamins and minerals such as caffeine, guarana, taurine, ginseng and creatine. The caffeine and stimulants arerepparttar 145785 ingredients which give yourepparttar 145786 energy boost you desire. The amount of caffeine in one energy drink is usually equal torepparttar 145787 amount used to make one cup of coffee.

Life as a fluent person after overcoming my stutter

Written by Stephen Hill

Author: Stephen Hill from The How To Stop Stammering Centre

Life as a fluent person

Achieving fluency was like having a weight lifted from my shoulders, I felt free.

I am now able to order food and drink for example, without fear of stuttering, speak onrepparttar telephone and am able to enjoy socialising. I have become a more positive person, life is no longerrepparttar 145781 struggle it once used to be. I appreciate my speech compared withrepparttar 145782 average fluent person, who do not realise how lucky they are. Some would even say that I talk too much, but this is something I will never apologise for.

Four years ago I met my present girlfriend, Sharron who has an eight-year-old daughter, called Taryn. Together we have a son who is nineteen months old, called Ethan.

What attracted me to Sharron was her positive outlook on life and I am sure we will have a happy and successful future together.

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