Vital Facts about Social Security Death

Written by Maricon Williams

Ignorance excuses no one. It is a well-established legal maxim which means donít sleep on your duty to knowrepparttar law in order not to be oppressed or victimized.

Most ofrepparttar 143598 deceased family members are unaware ofrepparttar 143599 fact that they are entitled to social security death benefits. As a result, they are not gettingrepparttar 143600 sums which are intended to them. Family members includerepparttar 143601 spouse, children, parents and other individuals stipulated byrepparttar 143602 charter. You can ask a knowledgeable social security attorney about some qualifications in order for you to get your share.

Family members such as a widow or widower who is 60 years old or above, 50 year old and disabled, or any age but is caring forrepparttar 143603 memberís child who is under 16 years old or disabled are entitled to Social Security benefits. The deceased memberís children can also be included inrepparttar 143604 benefits if they are unmarried, minor, 18 or older and severely disabled (such disability must have started beforerepparttar 143605 age of 22), or between 18 -19 years old but is a full-time elementary or high school student. Parents can also receive benefits if they are dependent onrepparttar 143606 deceased member for at least Ĺ of support. Spouses and children also receive a percentage ofrepparttar 143607 retirement benefit computed fromrepparttar 143608 wages ofrepparttar 143609 deceased member. If there is no surviving spouse Payment can also be made torepparttar 143610 child ofrepparttar 143611 deceased who was eligible for benefits onrepparttar 143612 beneficiary's wage record inrepparttar 143613 month of death in case there was no surviving spouse.

Social Security Fraud and its Antidotes

Written by Maricon Williams

Every year, approximately 200 billion dollars is lost because of fraud. Social Security fraud maderepparttar stealing of billions of pounds fromrepparttar 143597 public, stealing of money which can be allocated torepparttar 143598 primary needs ofrepparttar 143599 people, and striking atrepparttar 143600 roots of public support forrepparttar 143601 general welfare, possible.

Examples of benefit fraud are making false wage details; failure to disclose savings, investments and properties; failure to informrepparttar 143602 Council that you have income from employment; failure to declare an occupational pension or a partnerís occupational pension; living with an undeclared partner who has income; and not living atrepparttar 143603 property that has been claimed for. Fraud and deception are everywhere now. It is like a virus that is slowly killingrepparttar 143604 citizenry and leaving them unprotected against further attacks.

This isrepparttar 143605 reason whyrepparttar 143606 government made an institution in order to fight scams and frauds. Social Security isrepparttar 143607 antidote designed to reduce if not to eliminate social security fraud. It is open for some valuable information regarding fighting social security scams and frauds. If you are in any manner interested in knowing, you can visit social security office near you. You can also report a social security fraud by contactingrepparttar 143608 office. Never worry about your report because it will be taken with confidence and security.

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