Visit Carmel California

Written by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.

Just south of Monterey liesrepparttar beach city of Carmel, California also known as Carmel By The Sea. Althoughrepparttar 150881 city has a population of less than 5,000 people it has over 90 art galleries, numerous antique shops, 14 churches, more than 50 hotels, resorts and inns, 2 golf courses, several restaurants and outdoor cafes, over a dozen wineries and tasting Rooms and numerous souvenir and boutique shops.

Carmel which is famous for having had Clint Eastwood as mayor and has also beenrepparttar 150882 residence of people like Doris Day, Upton Sinclair, Henry Miller and Jack London, is onrepparttar 150883 Monterey Penninsula and is surrounded by areas like Monterey, Big Sur, Pebble Beach, Point Lobos, Pacific Grove, Salinas And Seaside. Tour 17 Mile Drive, golf at some ofrepparttar 150884 world's best golf courses, visit Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row andrepparttar 150885 Monterey Bay Aquarium, drive downrepparttar 150886 Big Sur coast, go whale watching in Monterey Bay and see Gray, Humpback and Blue Whales, camp at one ofrepparttar 150887 many beach, river or redwood country campgrounds, go scuba diving, fishrepparttar 150888 waters offrepparttar 150889 penninsula for salmon, tuna, halibut, rockcod and more or just sit around and relax.

How To Survive Your Honeymoon

Written by Alexis Miller

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations To Discover Each Other

Once you've mortgagedrepparttar rest of your life forrepparttar 150827 dress andrepparttar 150828 ceremony, made all sorts of promises in front of everyone you know and danced with your long-lost fifth cousin twice removed, you deserve a little time off to recuperate. It's called a honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is that wonderful period of grace betweenrepparttar 150829 fantasy of your wedding andrepparttar 150830 reality of simply being an old married couple. It's a time forrepparttar 150831 two of you to get to know each other as well as two people who are going to spendrepparttar 150832 next couple of days alone with only each other for company can. But not so alone that you can't ring for room service when you need it.

According to a recent survey by Modern Bride magazine, newlyweds are certainly not loathe to shell out when it comes to spending up on their honeymoon - on average, newlyweds spend $3,700 on their honeymoon. Forrepparttar 150833 average wage earner, that's almost 10% of their annual income.

Honeymoon spending is high for a number of reasons. Firstly, for most of us it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to live it up, favoring luxurious resorts and exotic cruises over a two-star just-off-the-highway motel. Andrepparttar 150834 honeymoon is generally notrepparttar 150835 time for going to stay with mad old Aunty Gladys who you haven't seen since you were five.

No, honeymooners want their day inrepparttar 150836 sun, a time to luxuriate inrepparttar 150837 newness of coupledom and they are usually looking for something special. So if that means ordering that second bottle of champagne, or deciding onrepparttar 150838 lobster for dinner, most honeymooners don't give it a second thought.

To compile their list of Top 10 honeymoon destinations,repparttar 150839 Modern Bride survey factored in romance, ambience, affordability, seclusion, culture and adventure amongst its list of important qualities. Here arerepparttar 150840 results for overall excellence:

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