Visions of Sugar Plums and Holiday Safety

Written by Wally Conway

Ho, Ho, Ho, Holiday greetings to you!

Every year at this time I can't help but noticerepparttar beautiful holiday lighting and adornment. It's great to see that even homes with a "For Sale" sign onrepparttar 100025 front lawn have been bedazzled with lights! But this good deed seldom goes without also deckingrepparttar 100026 halls with many holiday hazards.

You may be feeling happy forrepparttar 100027 holidays, but you'll be roasting more than chestnuts if you lose respect forrepparttar 100028 dangers inherent inrepparttar 100029 season! It is sad to say, but more homes burn during December than any other month. And electricity is notrepparttar 100030 only hazard contributing torepparttar 100031 risk.

Candles! Gosh they look so good andrepparttar 100032 scent can setrepparttar 100033 perfect holiday mood. But always remember this about candles - they are on fire! Seasonal candles on windowsills near your beautiful curtains and shears is a perfect blend for combustion. Please be sure candles are always attended when lighted, shielded by a glass enclosure, and located sorepparttar 100034 cat doesn't knock them over. And put out all candles before snuggling in forrepparttar 100035 night!

And what about space heaters! These little gems can put justrepparttar 100036 right amount of heat right where you need it. But, they can also burnrepparttar 100037 house down. Space heaters need to be in a clear space! That might even be why they call them "space" heaters, cause if they are too close to bedding, curtains, or clothing there is a fair chance of fire. Many a home has burned even withrepparttar 100038 heater in clear space. Please be careful about flinging a towel, shirt, or sheet as you climb underrepparttar 100039 covers. Any article landing onrepparttar 100040 heater is certain to burn.

While we are thinking about space heaters, be especially cautious aboutrepparttar 100041 misuse of kerosene-fired space heaters. These babies can really put outrepparttar 100042 heat! But please, readrepparttar 100043 directions and follow them like your life depended on it. Of special concern is ventilation. If your space heater's directions require outside air for ventilation, crack a window or what ever it takes to be compliant. The risk of death from carbon monoxide poisoning is far greater than fire. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless ensuring a sound sleep for all eternity.

Gotta love stockings hung byrepparttar 100044 fire - but gotta also be sure they are removed beforerepparttar 100045 fire is a blazing! Maybe back inrepparttar 100046 day when wool stockings hung byrepparttar 100047 fire, it was not so risky, but these days those fuzzy fake flannel stockings burn better than fat lighter. So choose your effect - either stockings hung byrepparttar 100048 fireplace, or a fire inrepparttar 100049 fireplace, but certainly not both atrepparttar 100050 same time!

Catching Crooked Contractors

Written by Wally Conway

Few times inrepparttar life of a homeowner can be more challenging than when significant repairs are needed. The number of issues, options and decisions seems endless,repparttar 100024 most daunting of which is contractor selection.

When choosing a contractor for a repair or renovationrepparttar 100025 most fundamental of screening techniques isrepparttar 100026 assurance thatrepparttar 100027 contractor is properly licensed. The tales of tragedy brought about byrepparttar 100028 illegal actions of unlicensed contactors are enough to scare us into never making repairs! Thankfully, it is free and easy to eliminate these thieves from our lives if we do some simple research.

The State of Florida requires that all contractors be properly licensed underrepparttar 100029 auspices of The Construction Industry Licensing Board. Each licensed contractor or company qualified to conduct business inrepparttar 100030 state has a license number. The license number makes it easy to know what a particular contractor or company is licensed to do, but only if we knowrepparttar 100031 code!

Fortunatelyrepparttar 100032 code is easy to break. Nearly every license issued byrepparttar 100033 State of Florida is a combination of three letters and six numbers. The letters identifyrepparttar 100034 type of workrepparttar 100035 contractor is licensed to perform andrepparttar 100036 numbers specifyrepparttar 100037 individual contractor or company. Atrepparttar 100038 top ofrepparttar 100039 list are:

CGC Certified General Contractor (Builders of big buildings)

CBC Certified Building Contractor (Builders of small offices and stores)

CRC Certified Residential Contractor (Builders of homes)

It's starting to get simple! The licenses begin and end inrepparttar 100040 letter "C". A builder can build any building in or belowrepparttar 100041 license level, so a General Contractor could build a home, but a Residential Contractor could not build a bank!

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