Vision Music USA Takes Their Services To The Next Level

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


March 1, 2004- Vision Music USA, LLC an independent musician’s resource specializing in Artist Development is now offering many new services to help musicians, including Merchandise, Graphic Design, Website Design and CD Duplication to name a few.

Vision Music USA is a one-stop resource for independent musicians that can assist you with every aspect of your career, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for a while and struggling to get torepparttar next level. Vision Music USA started becauserepparttar 124150 owners, Nick Stamoulis and Josh Epstein, felt that musicians trying to make it on their own needed a true and real resource to help their career. Unlike any other type of company out there, they really offerrepparttar 124151 experience, expertise, knowledge and vision that all musicians need to jumpstart their careers by providing professional advice and guidance every step ofrepparttar 124152 way. All of their services are 100% customized to fit your music and goals. When they say, “We are a no BS firm,” they mean it.

Recently, in an effort to increase their line of product offerings to give artists a complete and thorough needs assessment and by taking a proactive stance by actually making services and products immediately available, providesrepparttar 124153 results artists are looking for. The firm’s desire to help an artist take their career torepparttar 124154 next level has become more powerful than ever before.

Natalia Nazarova Stars In Movie Postmark Paradise

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Title: Postmark Paradise Featuring: Natalia Nazarova and Tantoo Cardinal Format: DVD Genre: Human Interest Release Date: June 29, 2004 Film Maker: Entertainment Paradise Group /A Thompson Clay Film/Distributed by Vanguard Cinema Websites: /

Actress Natalia Nazarova plays a charming and heart warming role as Viktoria, an unsuspecting mail order bride from Russia, in an independent film titled Postmark Paradise. Nazarova has been very busy woman. Besides filmmaking,repparttar world of music has been blessed with her many talents via some fine jazz and pop vocal albums. This is her first American film role.

Natalia is charming in this film and anyone that watches it will surely fall in love with her character. The classic underdog theme makes a good storyline and is a sure-fire hook for those that like movies full ofrepparttar 124149 emotion andrepparttar 124150 story of people’s lives. For her American debut, this is a fabulous effort. This young lady is star material and I would hope that someone influential in Hollywood will have sense enough to give her a chance as a leading lady in a major motion picture, I am sure she could handle it quite well. I became very engrossed in this picture and enjoyed it entirely. There was fine acting in this film; all ofrepparttar 124151 characters were true to life, which made it easy to become a part ofrepparttar 124152 story, as if you were right there living it.

The story ofrepparttar 124153 film begins with a TV newscaster explaining how gorgeous and eligible Russian girls are looking for an opportunity to come to America and marry any willing American man, thenrepparttar 124154 scene changes torepparttar 124155 bar The Dirty Shame located in Paradise Michigan. A group of local men are inrepparttar 124156 bar feeling good and decide to check intorepparttar 124157 mail order bride phenomena. Chick (Randall Godwin) mastermindsrepparttar 124158 execution ofrepparttar 124159 mail order bride for their friend Jake (Vincent Angelini), who is doing time in jail for drunk driving. The expectant bride Viktoria, is delivered at his homecoming party atrepparttar 124160 bar.

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