Virus of the Mind

Written by Tom Horn

VIRUS OF THE MIND You’ve heard of ordinary viruses – those microscopic entities that get inside your body and replicate themselves. They war against your natural resistances and make you feel rotten. And through your coughs and sneezes they jump onto other people and make them feel rotten too. Well, did you know that there are other kinds of tiny ‘organism’ called viruses ofrepparttar mind? What is a mind virus and are they a danger to us? A mind virus is a tiny ‘seed’ of information that somehow lodges itself within our minds. It is a ‘seed’, which, in given individuals, falls on ‘fertile ground’, germinates and then takes on a life of its own. It is as if this ‘germinated seed’ or ‘fascinating idea’ had an unconscious ‘intent’ and that blind urge is to replicate itself. For example, you hear a joke and, before you know it, you find yourself with an almost irresistible urge to spread it around. You hear a catchy tune sung by a show-off and before long you have joinedrepparttar 131435 ranks of punters who have boughtrepparttar 131436 recording. In this way jokes and tunes spread themselves aroundrepparttar 131437 world. Recently, in my neck ofrepparttar 131438 woods, children have been infected withrepparttar 131439 Pokemon mind virus. In no time at all children up and downrepparttar 131440 country have been gripped by a fanatical urge to purchase and saverepparttar 131441 ‘pocket monster’ cards. It has been a retailer’s dream. I noticed another mind virus when it hopped overrepparttar 131442 pond from America to England. This revealed itself when I saw large numbers of young people wearingrepparttar 131443 same baggy ‘street cred.’ type clothes with baseball caps worn withrepparttar 131444 peak atrepparttar 131445 back. They had all been infected with a mind virus. When you find masses of people thinking, saying or doing some particular thing, you can be sure that a mind virus is at work. This happens when people fall underrepparttar 131446 spell of an ‘….ism’. I’m thinking of socialism, conservatism, communism, monetarism, fanaticism, fundamentalism, Christianity..ism, etc. Mind viruses fill you with proselytizing zeal. You become possessed with a great desire to spread them far and wide and some mistakenly attribute this feeling to God. Some mind viruses appear fairly benign. But what do you do whenrepparttar 131447 idea becomes widely accepted amongst ordinary people that it is quite acceptable to create, on a weekly basis, piles of non-biodegradable waste, which has to be tipped into a big hole inrepparttar 131448 ground? What are you to conclude when masses of people think it perfectly reasonable live in a world of plastic, neon, concrete, steel, brick and asphalt. Now these are a couple of dangerous mind viruses. We must remember that mind viruses, like our genes, do not spread because they are any good, but rather because they are good replicators. Now consider your treasured identity - that strange complex of imperfect knowledge, fears, ambitions and masquerades, your public and private ‘faces’, which you call your ego. It could be nothing but a nest of mind viruses that combine to cloudrepparttar 131449 mirror of your awareness, to eventually sap your energy and to reduce your creative intent to that of folly. If you doubt this, just try to stop thinking for a few minutes and discover how difficult this is. You will find that you do not have thoughts at all, but that thoughts have you – in their grip! The inescapable conclusion is that a human being, with his or her genes and mind viruses, is simply a host torepparttar 131450 successful replicators. Is this not what we are? And, in our ignorance of this one fact, have we not just given in torepparttar 131451 urge to run amok on this wonderful self-organizing planet?


Written by Rinatta Paries

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