Virus Protection and Hoax Recognition - Be Safe Not Sorry

Written by Joe Reinbold

Everyday I receive numerous emails with virus infections. Many of them come in response to my sending out my twice weekly newsletter to close to 12,000 subscribers.

What normally happens is a subscriber's system is infected without them even realizing it. Their email program sends out emails to everyone in their address book without them knowing.

When I get an email that is infected, my anti-virus program, Norton Anti Virus 2002 which I have used for many years, intercepts it and gives me some options to either delete or quarantine.

The regular viruses that I see attached to these emails are:

W32.Badtrans.B@mm W32.Badtrans@mm.enc W95.Hybris.worm W32.Magistr.24876@mm W32.Sircam.Worm@mm

There are other variations ofrepparttar above and a couple other different ones that I receive regularly.

If there is any one thing that you should do if you spend any amount of time onrepparttar 132070 Net and send and receive email on a regular basis is make sure that you have a good anti- virus program. You also have to make sure that you keep it up to date at all times. That is one ofrepparttar 132071 reasons that I like Norton, since it automatically updates and keeps me current with protection againstrepparttar 132072 latest viruses. I am not a distributor for Norton but I highly recommend it to anyone that asks me. It is not expensive. Their web site is at:

The important thing to remember is that you can have an active virus infection and not even know it. If you are trying to run an online business and your potential customers are getting virus attachments withrepparttar 132073 email you are sending them, they probably won't be customers for too long.

Withrepparttar 132074 many email viruses now active aroundrepparttar 132075 Net, you should also make it your practice not to open any attachments to an email if you don't know who it is from. Most ofrepparttar 132076 email viruses become active when you openrepparttar 132077 attachment. But again to be totally safe you should have a good anti-virus program on your system. You could very well get an infected email attachment on an email from someone you do know since they might not be aware that they are transmitting it. An anti-virus program will give yourepparttar 132078 protection you need.

The Email Hoax Problem

As far asrepparttar 132079 email hoax problem, they continue to circulate over and over. When you get one of them you can see that it has been forwarded many times byrepparttar 132080 number of ">>>>>>" inrepparttar 132081 left column. Each of these >'s are signifiers of another person forwardingrepparttar 132082 message.

Product Review: Zone Alarm Pro

Written by Richard Lowe

I've tried using a number of personal firewalls, including WRQ AtGuard (since purchased by Symantec), BlackIce and ZoneAlarm. On my opinion, ZoneAlarm Pro is by far and awayrepparttar best personal firewall onrepparttar 132068 market.

I like this firewall because it isrepparttar 132069 first product of it's kind that actually seems to have been designed for normal human computer users instead of techno-nerds. The product simply installs and runs. You can use it out ofrepparttar 132070 box with no configuration at all. The program will ask a few questions and learn from you exactly what is allowed and not allowed. What could be more simple?

This program is one ofrepparttar 132071 very best defenses against spyware, which is software that "phones home" every once in a while with information about you. Unlike most other personal firewalls, ZoneAlarm Pro (as well asrepparttar 132072 free version) stops outgoing transmissions as well as incoming ones. This in itself is a major benefit torepparttar 132073 product.

One ofrepparttar 132074 major advantages to this product isrepparttar 132075 way you can configure it to knowrepparttar 132076 difference between intranet and internet accesses. That'srepparttar 132077 problem with some competing firewall products - they do not understand that intranet access is always to be allowed while internet access must be controlled. ZoneAlarm made this distinction easily.

One ofrepparttar 132078 problems that has been found with other firewalls isrepparttar 132079 "pattern" for determiningrepparttar 132080 identity of something accessingrepparttar 132081 internet isrepparttar 132082 program name. Well, as it turns out, this is very simple for hacker software to fake. ZoneAlarm wasrepparttar 132083 first product to recognize and fixrepparttar 132084 weakness by actually performing a checksum ofrepparttar 132085 product. This allows ZoneAlarm to be absolutely sure it hasrepparttar 132086 correct program identified.

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