Virtual Professionals - 2003 Snap Shot

Written by Eileen 'Turtle' Parzek

Virtual professionals are a relatively new phenomena inrepparttar workforce, and all indications are that it could potentially becomerepparttar 117251 norm inrepparttar 117252 21st century. The information age presented technology that allows people to work for anyone, anywhere, assumingrepparttar 117253 right infrastructure is in place. Although some of us were working virtually prior torepparttar 117254 turn ofrepparttar 117255 century, a full eighty percent did not begin working that way until 1999. This wave corresponds withrepparttar 117256 availability of computer technology and affordable, high speed Internet access. Nearly everyone interviewed wasrepparttar 117257 owner or co-owner of their own business, and nearly seventy percent of these virtual professionals became entrepreneurs simultaneously with becoming virtual professionals.

So, who are these virtual professionals? The majority of people working virtually were inrepparttar 117258 36 to 45 year old range, withrepparttar 117259 twenties close behind making nearly eighty percent between 25 and 45 years old. Althoughrepparttar 117260 survey was conducted across a broad range of business related forums, a number of respondents said they were virtual assistants (VAs), a relatively new industry in its own right. Building onrepparttar 117261 concept of secretaries and administrative assistants inrepparttar 117262 traditional workforce, VAs perform business services and administrative tasks for other professionals. Virtual professionals were also consultants, web designers, programmers, graphic artists and writers. The trades which typically are creative, intellectual and autonomous lend themselves to virtual professions. It will be interesting to see inrepparttar 117263 future whetherrepparttar 117264 number of other professions enteringrepparttar 117265 virtual world grows to meetrepparttar 117266 vast number of virtual assistants prepared to help them!

Scott Allen, a multi-preneur and Entrepreneurs Guide, managed distributed teams for an enterprise software company prior to setting out on his own. Suzette Flemming, Flemming Business Services, transitioned into her 100% virtual business from part time telecommuting as a teacher and office manager. Most virtual assistants worked in offices, as secretaries and assistants, and already hadrepparttar 117267 right skills to be able to deliver services before pullingrepparttar 117268 plug and going to work virtually. Indeed, most virtual professionals had a career which in some way prepared them for this way of life and work - even Blaine Hilton, a computer consultant, said his brief stint as a carpet cleaner providedrepparttar 117269 motivation for wanting to be self employed!

How to find a home based business

Written by Roger Turntine

How to find a home based business

If you're serious about finding an online business and you've been looking, then you probably already know that this is a tedious process, because there are so many offers out there promising to fill your pockets. One can easily get sucked into a scam so here are a few pointers to help avoid this trap.

1 No Contact Information or Limited Contact Information. Most scam artists don't want you to be able to locate them easily. After all, if you could find them easily, so couldrepparttar authorities. That's why they often only give an email address (usually from a free provider like Yahoo or Hotmail) and/or a post office box. Onrepparttar 117250 other hand, reputable companies DO want you to be able to contact them quickly and easily. They'll offer several ways... telephone, physical address, email, fax, etc.

2 No Verifiable References or Testimonials. Do they list Web site addresses or email addresses forrepparttar 117251 people who supposedly gaverepparttar 117252 testimonials? Is there a way to contactrepparttar 117253 satisfied customers? If not... if you only see a reference ending with "John D. - California" - beware.

3 Make Thousands With No Work On Your Part. This isrepparttar 117254 biggest lie onrepparttar 117255 Internet today. Everyone lovesrepparttar 117256 idea of making thousands of dollars while they sleep. Is it possible? Yes! That part isn't a lie. The statement that it will take no work on your part isrepparttar 117257 lie.

4 Rushing You To Make A Decision. I'm talking aboutrepparttar 117258 business opportunity companies that - instead of answering your questions - pressure you to go ahead and buy in.The bottom line is this: Any company offering legitimate business opportunities will want to talk with you, will want to give you allrepparttar 117259 information you need, will not give a false appearance of credibility, and will have verifiable references that you can contact. Beware of anyone who does not offer these things.

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