Viral Marketing and You!

Written by Rok Hrastnik

A virus spreads and infects people through human interaction.

This is exactly what viral marketing, a popular and powerful type of web promotion, does: It is an online technique that encourages people to spread to othersrepparttar message about your e-business, mostly by word-of-mouth. The technique creates either a potentially large base of prospects from your existing lists, or a new database of prospects for you.

VIRAL TOOLS! The basic tools of viral marketing are those free marketing reports and ebooks you distribute online to promote your business. One ofrepparttar 134301 most powerful words in marketing is repparttar 134302 word FREE. Hence, one way you can put viral marketing into action is to make good use of tools that don't take much time to create and can be given away for free.

Other viral marketing tools are your email signatures,repparttar 134303 free bonus on purchasing an item, andrepparttar 134304 free products that are spread around with your information attached. These are not repparttar 134305 only tools available for you, but they will give you an idea on how to get started with your own viral marketing tool.

GET STARTED! Start a successful viral marketing campaign by making your own free give-aways.

Write an ebook or a free report on a topic you are very familiar with. If you can't really write, get someone to write for you. Trust me, it will pay off inrepparttar 134306 end. If you're good at programming, why don't you write a small and simple but useful program to spread around?

Here's where your viral strategy lies: attach your company logo product description, online link, and contact information on your free ebooks or free programs. Hopefully, producing these tools will not cost you anything, or little at all. Request people to leave their e-mail address and allow you a one-time mailing if they want your free program. Contact them with your real product information later. They will already know you by your free product and will trust you, so it will make selling much easier. Ask them to tell others about your exciting free give-away if they find it useful.

Self Perpetuating traffic

Written by Godfrey Heron

Ah, that Holy Grail, visitors gravitating towards your site like steel to a magnet. Is it possible to obtain TRULY viral traffic generation techniques that feed on each other and replicate automatically without your input? We all know about Synergy,repparttar concept thatrepparttar 134300 whole is in fact greater thanrepparttar 134301 sum of its parts. Can this concept be applied to marketing strategies?

The promotion strategy that really took off this year wasrepparttar 134302 "start/home page" traffic generation programs. These operate by changing your start page torepparttar 134303 traffic programs specified page. Each time you start your browser you would see a page from someone else's website. Someone in turn would also see your site, based upon a system of credits earned per viewing.

Two such popular programs are Startblaze and NoMoreHits. This was a fantastic concept and so, not surprisingly, a host of other start page traffic generation programs were developed, some offering better viewing credit ratios thanrepparttar 134304 two previously mentioned.

Now if we embodiedrepparttar 134305 concept of synergy with these programs we could combine eight or more ofrepparttar 134306 most popular programs. Each time you started your browser you would earn hits from all of them. Well this can be done using a little javascript juggling. Click here: to see how this may be done.

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