Vintage Labels On Marble Tiles

Written by Alicia Tapp

"Everything Old is New Again"

It's refreshing to note that gone arerepparttar days that countertops and backsplashes have to match. There are no decorating rules. The focal point in your kitchen, wine cellar, bathroom, etc evolves with addingrepparttar 146470 personal touches that are close to your heart.

Nothing setsrepparttar 146471 stage for Vintage comfort like a vintage marble tile mural or marble tile wall display in images and labels borrowed fromrepparttar 146472 past. A new and personalized way to showcase a collection of memorabilia, ephemera, or images.

A marble backsplash mural or wall display makesrepparttar 146473 perfect complement for antiques, beautiful china, flea market finds, vintage furnishings, garage sales, ephemera, trade show collections, or bottles of your favorite wine or brew.

The images are baked intorepparttar 146474 marble sorepparttar 146475 quality ofrepparttar 146476 marble with its shading, nicks, crannies and rounded edges become part ofrepparttar 146477 old world, vintage and European effect .

Perfume Label Art, dated from 1894 - 1905 on Tumbled Marble Tiles, an unusual wall decor forrepparttar 146478 bath, dressing room, powder room, spa, country club. Alternate plain botticino tumbled marble tiles, or add a few tiles onto each wall. An important trend in decorating is chic and shabby. Perfume labels on tiles would be an important accessory to this theme.

Inspecting Your New Home - 17 Areas You Must Inspect Before Taking Possession

Written by Brendon Turner

Congratulations! You've made your decision; you've chosen your new home and your builder. So what needs to happen next? Once you have a firm contract and you have selectedrepparttar features that will go into your new home, it is time forrepparttar 146190 builder to turn your dream into reality.

You will undoubtedly want to visitrepparttar 146191 building site from time to time during construction to checkrepparttar 146192 progress of your home. Professional builders welcome your participation and enthusiasm; however, for safety reasons you should not enterrepparttar 146193 actual construction site unless by special appointment-an unauthorized site visit may also contravenerepparttar 146194 local labour code with respect to construction safety andrepparttar 146195 builder's liability.

Questions or concerns arising from a site visit or a drive-by should be addressed directly torepparttar 146196 builder. The tradespeople onrepparttar 146197 site each have their own area of expertise and will not be able to discuss your home's progress with you. Nor are they able to make changes withoutrepparttar 146198 approval ofrepparttar 146199 builder.

Before you take possession of your new home,repparttar 146200 builder will invite you to "walk through"repparttar 146201 house to conduct a pre-occupancy inspection. Three to five days before closing is best-when construction is substantially complete but there is still time forrepparttar 146202 builder to remedy any minor imperfections. Anything that is not to your satisfaction should be noted for a pre-delivery inspection report. Minor items such as scratches and incomplete paint work will be rectified before your move-in day. Other items will be corrected after you are settled.

The following checklist will help you to inspect your new home.


  • Grading-should be sloping gently away fromrepparttar 146203 house.
  • Sod-was it rolled when laid?
  • Wood, vinyl or aluminum siding-should be even and nailed securely torepparttar 146204 walls.
  • Brick-should be evenly laid and clean, with weep holes intact.
  • Caulking-check around windows, doors, garage door, electrical outlets and fixtures.
  • Paint and stains-inspect for even coverage and proper colour.
  • Trim, shutters, fascia and soffit-must be proper colour, of good quality and securely fastened.
  • Shingles-are they clean, of proper colour and with no lifting corners?
  • Garage-should feature non-combustible materials onrepparttar 146205 wall adjoiningrepparttar 146206 house (for instance, gypsum board with sealed joints);repparttar 146207 garage door should open and close properly.

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