Villa Holiday or Package Holiday

Written by Peter Hartley

Villa Holiday Versus Package Holiday

Everybody knows someone who has been on one and an awful lot of people have been on one themselves. Yes we are talking aboutrepparttar age old Package holiday. The safest, most common holiday. Package holidays have been around for years and I am sure everyone will know someone that has went to a travel agent and booked a holiday through them. Isrepparttar 140201 tide turning though? Have people found a better way to enjoy their holidays costing them a fraction of travel agent prices?

Villa Holidays is now becomingrepparttar 140202 main way to book a holiday. Forrepparttar 140203 first time since villa holidays came onrepparttar 140204 scene more holidaymakers are booking their holiday direct withrepparttar 140205 owner or through a website that offer villa holidays than with a Travel Agent.

Let us have a look atrepparttar 140206 Pros and Cons of both types of holidays. Firstlyrepparttar 140207 Package Holiday. Most people know this asrepparttar 140208 safest way to book a holiday because travel agents are ABTA approved and feel more secure booking holidays through a travel agent. You do haverepparttar 140209 added gusrentee that if anything is wrong withrepparttar 140210 holiday you have some governing body to complain to and for that peace of mind you pay a premium for this. Travel Agents charge customers per person for their holidays. Onrepparttar 140211 other hand if you were to book a villa holiday then you don't haverepparttar 140212 guarentee ofrepparttar 140213 governing body, you deal directly withrepparttar 140214 person that ownsrepparttar 140215 property therefore you cut outrepparttar 140216 middle man. Instead of paying a per person price for your holiday you pay forrepparttar 140217 villa or apartment as a whole no matter how many people are travelling. Let's say for example you were wanting to go on holiday to Spain. A travel agent could easily charge about £300 per person for an apartment in Cosat Blanca, if 4 people are going on that holiday that would cost £1200 and that is including flights. Okay now lets look atrepparttar 140218 pricing for a similar apartment in Costa Blanca. 2 weeks atrepparttar 140219 height ofrepparttar 140220 season in July or August would cost £550 but that is forrepparttar 140221 apartment, that is £137.5 per person, just forrepparttar 140222 accommodation. The days ofrepparttar 140223 internet are upon us and even flight companies are offering cheap flights to their customers. An average price of a flight torepparttar 140224 Costa Blanca is about £59 sorepparttar 140225 total price ofrepparttar 140226 holiday booked direct withrepparttar 140227 villa owner is £196.50 nowrepparttar 140228 total cost ofrepparttar 140229 holiday for 4 people is £786 saving you £414 that is over £100 per person.

Siberia, Russia Part 3 – Communist Planes and Defining “Fluent”

Written by Rick Chapo

Inrepparttar first two parts of this series, we covered my decision to move from San Diego to Chita, Siberia to be a professor at Chita State Technical University. We pick uprepparttar 140110 story aboardrepparttar 140111 flight from Anchorage to Khabarovsk, Russia.

Day 3

Technically, it’s day two and half. I think. Time began to blur as we flew overrepparttar 140112 international date line. Wait, do we add a day or lose a day? I was so confused that I didn’t know whether to whine about losing or gaining a day in my life. Whatever day it was, we were flying along happily on Aeroflot.

I must say that communism had some things going for it. The average airline ticket inrepparttar 140113 U.S. should come with a shoehorn to help wedge you intorepparttar 140114 seat. God forbid ifrepparttar 140115 person in front of you should put their seat back. Damn people in first class! Communism solved this problem nicely.

I wouldn’t say our plane was old, butrepparttar 140116 younger planes around our gate were crowding in to hear our plane tell stories aboutrepparttar 140117 first flight ofrepparttar 140118 Wright brothers. Despite some interesting details [My God, does that look like a crack inrepparttar 140119 wing? That better not be duct tape!],repparttar 140120 “maturity” of our flying bull had some distinct advantages.

A central concept of communism is that there is only one class of people, to wit,repparttar 140121 workers. Theoretically, everyone getsrepparttar 140122 same treatment. The benefits of this theory are debatable, but I can tell you it stomps capitalism intorepparttar 140123 ground when it comes to flying.

The seating compartment on our plane was uniformly first class. There was plenty of space for one’s rump and legs. Each two-seat section wasrepparttar 140124 equivalent of three seats on a U.S. airline. It was at least two feet torepparttar 140125 seat in front of me. Those that fly a lot will understand as I quietly shed a tear in memory of that flight. Dozing comfortably, I didn’t give a damn ifrepparttar 140126 wings fell off. At least we were going in style!

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