Video Poker - The Basics

Written by Tom McBroom

After Blackjack and Craps, video poker gives you some ofrepparttar best odds inrepparttar 142342 casino if you play it right. It combines some ofrepparttar 142343 fun of a slot machine with some ofrepparttar 142344 fun of a table game, all without rushing you to play. This is why many professional gamblers use video poker as a means of relaxation in betweenrepparttar 142345 demands of blackjack or a table poker game.

For many years now, video poker has steadily increased in popularity inrepparttar 142346 casinos. While many video poker machines may look like slot machines, make no mistake about it - they are not! Unlike slot machines, video poker is a combination of luck AND skill.

The cards are dealt randomly, just as in a real poker game. The house's edge is determined by how much it pays forrepparttar 142347 various combinations of winning hands. Different machines have different payout schedules forrepparttar 142348 various poker hands, so be sure to choose a machine with a favorable payout schedule.

In order to play video poker with any chance at winning, you must knowrepparttar 142349 basics about playing five card draw poker, which is beyondrepparttar 142350 scope of this article. We'll assume you knowrepparttar 142351 basics ofrepparttar 142352 game and howrepparttar 142353 various poker hands are ranked.

Slot Machines - Good and Bad Locations

Written by Tom McBroom

Although no one will ever truly know whererepparttar casinos are likely to placerepparttar 142341 loosest slots, we do have some suggestions based on research, staff experience in casinos, and talking to various casino personnel. These suggestions are simply that: suggestions. They may or may not apply to a particular casino. Plus, casinos are notoriously subject to changing their procedures ifrepparttar 142342 players get too lucky!


Here's where our research and experience indicate thatrepparttar 142343 best machines may be located:

* One row in fromrepparttar 142344 major aisles. Lots of people can still hearrepparttar 142345 jackpots andrepparttar 142346 casino avoids customers walking downrepparttar 142347 aisle with no intention of playing slots except forrepparttar 142348 odd coin or two onrepparttar 142349 run.

* Near food and snack bars. The reasoning here is thatrepparttar 142350 sound of jackpots will encourage people to eat faster and get out to playrepparttar 142351 slots.

* Generally, any location that is highly visible from other slot machines. People tend to spend more dollars when they see other slot players winning.

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