Video Poker - Play Maximum Coins?

Written by Tom McBroom

The arguments are almost endless about whether or not to playrepparttar maximum number of coins on each hand in video poker. We'll attempt to make some sense of it for you.

In almost video poker machines,repparttar 138588 payout is proportionallyrepparttar 138589 same regardless ofrepparttar 138590 number of coins bet. In other words, if you have a winning hand that pays 10 for one coin bet, it will pay 20 for two coins bet, 30 for three coins bet, etc.

As a result, there is no advantage to playing more than one coin - WITH ONE EXCEPTION: A ROYAL FLUSH! If you hit a royal flush, you are almost always paid five timesrepparttar 138591 normal odds if you betrepparttar 138592 maximum coins.

For example, assume you're playing a machine that pays 200 for a royal flush with one coin bet. It will then typically pay 400 for two coins, 600 for three coins, and 800 for four coins. There is no advantage to playing, say, four coins instead of one becauserepparttar 138593 payout is exactly four timesrepparttar 138594 one coin payout.

Permanent markers can destroy your white board! Until Now!

Written by F. Glen Ferguson

How would you like to clean up those permanent markers instantly? And, you already have whatís needed.

After years of running a training department. I knowrepparttar problems that trainers face every day. This really isnít a secret because I was so amazed by it, I tell everyone I see. Iím very happy to be able to share it with you.

Not long ago,repparttar 138517 company I worked for, hired a consultant to give a training class. Afterrepparttar 138518 classrepparttar 138519 consultant and I were talking about presenting training andrepparttar 138520 problems that happen. Holding a black permanent marker, I explained that one thing that really bothered me was having someone use a permanent marker on my white board. With that, I showed himrepparttar 138521 marker and proceeded to draw big cross marks onrepparttar 138522 white board. You can imaginerepparttar 138523 look I received.

The consultant was sure that I had lost my mind and said, ďwhat are you doing, you just destroyed your white board!Ē Inrepparttar 138524 past I would have thoughtrepparttar 138525 same thing. Inrepparttar 138526 past to remove permanent markers Iíve usedrepparttar 138527 liquids and creams, and it always took a lot of effort and sometimes left a shadow.

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