Video Poker - Choose the Best Machines

Written by Tom McBroom

There are three basic types of video poker machines:

* Jacks or Better

* Deuces Wild

* Jokers Wild

To keep things basic, we recommend you play onlyrepparttar Jacks or Better machines. The payouts are usually better andrepparttar 142338 draw strategy is more straightforward.

What you're really looking for is a Jacks or Better machine with a good payout schedule. The best payout schedule pays 9 to 1 for full house and 6 to 1 for a flush. In gambler's terms, this is called a "9-6" machine, for obvious reasons. Several years ago, you could find several of these in most casinos, but they are now very hard to find because ofrepparttar 142339 favorable (to you, notrepparttar 142340 house!) payout schedule.

Frequently,repparttar 142341 best payout you'll be able to find isrepparttar 142342 next best one, which pays 8 to 1

Slot Machines - The Basics

Written by Tom McBroom

Slot machines are by farrepparttar easiest - and one ofrepparttar 142337 most fun - games inrepparttar 142338 casino to play. Simply insert your coin and pullrepparttar 142339 handle. One ofrepparttar 142340 oldest jokes inrepparttar 142341 world is to call slot machines "one armed bandits" because - with some ofrepparttar 142342 highest odds against you inrepparttar 142343 casino, that is exactly what they were - and still are! However, it's now more appropriate to simply call them bandits, because you don't have to pullrepparttar 142344 handle anymore - just push a button. Electrical motors and computer chips do everything else.


Decades ago, when slot machines were young, they were basically mechanical devices. The force ofrepparttar 142345 handle being pulled down turnedrepparttar 142346 metal gears that turnedrepparttar 142347 wheels onrepparttar 142348 machine.

Later on, electrical motors were added to turnrepparttar 142349 wheels andrepparttar 142350 force ofrepparttar 142351 handle being pulled no longer had any bearing onrepparttar 142352 results. In fact, you no longer had to pull repparttar 142353 handle, sincerepparttar 142354 wheels were electrical. All you had to do was pushrepparttar 142355 "play" button to startrepparttar 142356 wheels. The odds were controlled by how many winning symbols were on each wheel.

More recently, most casinos have are converting to computerized slot machines that no longer have wheels at all - just a computer screen that plays a video simulating spinning wheels. A computer "random number generator" determinesrepparttar 142357 results. As soon as you put your coins in,repparttar 142358 result is predetermined.

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