Video Poker - Best Strategy

Written by Tom McBroom

The table below gives a basic drawing strategy for a Jacks or Better machine (the best kind). There is a perfect draw for every possible combination of cards dealt to you, but that strategy is far too complicated for this article and forrepparttar casual player.

This basic drawing strategy only give up a few tenths of a percent over a perfect strategy and is fast and easy to learn.

Hold any cards that form a winning combination. The only exception is if you are dealt four cards to a royal flush - always hold those four and try forrepparttar 138593 royal.

If you aren't dealt a paying hand, look atrepparttar 138594 list below and, in descending order, select repparttar 138595 first combination of cards that applies torepparttar 138596 hand you are dealt, keep them, and draw forrepparttar 138597 remaining cards.

Roulette - An Easy Method

Written by Tom McBroom

Here is a very simple method that gives yourepparttar chance to win big if your numbers come up.

Although you cannot changerepparttar 138592 odds against you in roulette, there is one way of betting that we recommend to makerepparttar 138593 game a bit more exciting and perhaps increase your chances if your lucky.

Here is what you do: Bet $1 (or whatever amount you like) on each of five "action" numbers. "Action" numbers are numbers that are fairly evenly spaced aroundrepparttar 138594 wheel. No matter whererepparttar 138595 ball lands, it will be somewhere close to one of your numbers and - with a little luck - may land in one of your numbers. If it does, you lose your other four chips but win 35 chips, for a net win of 30. Not bad! If you get on a hot lucky streak, you may hit your numbers several times and end up a big winner.

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