Video Biographies; Why Hire a Professional?

Written by Jay Corrao – Copyright 2005

There are lots of reasons to create a video biography. Some people have a desire to share and pass down stories from one generation to another while others would like to leave behind a family or personal legacy. Whatever your reason is, while creating a video biography can an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience, it can also be a very daunting task.

There are many things to consider before you start your project. Here are just a few:

The Story It is my opinion that if your stories require a lot of details such as time, date, place, clothing worn, and other historically factual data, then just pick one or two stories to tell. Many people bite off more than they can chew and get discouraged when they start to understandrepparttar effort truly involved in just putting together their storyline. If you would like to tell several stories that tell of a person’s character or lessons learned than it is probably not necessary to go into a considerable amount of detail.

Who Will be Involved? Are you working alone on this project or with a group of people such as other family members or friends? The more input you receive from other peoplerepparttar 147034 more time it can take to put together your story and content. This is not a bad thing, just something to be aware of.

Content What kinds of content do you want to incorporate into your production? Photos, slides, video from different sources such as VHS tape, 8 or 16mm home movies, documents, quotes, personal interviews, narration? The list goes on and on.

The Dreaded Paper Label - Should it be Used?

Written by Adam Platzer

While paper labeling CDs and DVDs may appear to be a cost effective solution for printing on your media, there are solid reasons why you should consider other options.

1) Hand application of paper labels can be time consuming and frustrating. If not applied properly your product may not have a professional appearance. 2) The label must be in perfect alignment when placed onrepparttar disc. Whenrepparttar 146253 label is not positioned correctly or if it has a wrinkle in it,repparttar 146254 disc can become unbalanced, making it unplayable on some readers. Asrepparttar 146255 CD/DVD spins,repparttar 146256 unaligned label causesrepparttar 146257 media to shake andrepparttar 146258 laser has trouble readingrepparttar 146259 data offrepparttar 146260 disc. 3) Heat is generated while CD/DVD players are in use and can also be a problem. The adhesive backing onrepparttar 146261 label can react to this heat and could start to peel offrepparttar 146262 media. The can cause an imbalance ofrepparttar 146263 media as well as interference withrepparttar 146264 disc drive itself.

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