Victorian Ceramic Fairings

Written by Andy Graham

If you visitedrepparttar fair duringrepparttar 116226 mid 19th century untilrepparttar 116227 early 20th century you would have probably come homerepparttar 116228 proud owner of a little ceramic figure now referred to as a 'Victorian Fairing'. They were originally given away torepparttar 116229 working classes as prizes at fair and were mostly about 3.5" long and about 2.5" deep and 3" tall, mounted on a rectangular base. They were normally made from white, glazed, soft-paste porcelain and were intended for display on mantelpieces. The typical subject matter for a Victorian Fairings cover risqué humour to politics; for example marital scenes such as 'married for money', 'Shall we sleep first, or ....'. Victorian Fairings were manufactured fromrepparttar 116230 middle ofrepparttar 116231 19th century torepparttar 116232 outbreak ofrepparttar 116233 first world war.

‘The last to put outrepparttar 116234 light’ is a common example that you will have no trouble finding. Numerous examples of this figure exist, differences appear inrepparttar 116235 figure, colours, tablecloth, candle holder, andrepparttar 116236 arms or legs maybe positioned slightly differently. You will typically findrepparttar 116237 candle broken off as this was done for good luck.

Fairings can be grouped into a number of key themes, marriage with examples such as ‘Married for money’, ‘Three o’clock inrepparttar 116238 morning’, ‘When a man’s married his troubles begin’ and ‘Twelve months after marriage’. I doubt its necessary to explain all of these captions asrepparttar 116239 sentiment is still applicable today, but I do like ‘Returning at one o’clock inrepparttar 116240 morning’ as it shows a man tripping over a chamber pot inrepparttar 116241 middle ofrepparttar 116242 night clearly inebriated and being chastised by his wife, a situation I’ve never found myself in!

Simple steps to build a Tabletop Water Fountain

Written by Rachel Paul

Water isrepparttar essence of life. Creating your own table top fountains is a wonderful way to bring out your creativity and self-expression while simultaneously relieving stress and enhancing your interior décor. There are many unique benefits to having a fountain at home or work:

# The gentle soothing sound of flowing water can help you relax and meditate in your bedroom after a hard day’s work; # Startrepparttar 116225 day listening torepparttar 116226 music ofrepparttar 116227 splashing water and enjoyrepparttar 116228 invigorating effect it has on your mood. # Fountains humidifyrepparttar 116229 indoor air, especially if your home or workplace is dry due to continual air-conditioning. This is extremely helpful in preventing your skin from drying out. # Fountains release negative ions, said to promote better moods and concentration. Building a water fountain can be as simple as putting some stones and a small pump into a container with water. It does not have to be expensive or fancy. Nothing can compare torepparttar 116230 feeling of accomplishment from creating your own fountain.

Materials Needed:

1 A waterproof container or bowl of proper depth. Choose a container between 8-16 inches across in diameter and depth of at least 4-6 inches. The water has to coverrepparttar 116231 pump; otherwise,repparttar 116232 pump will burn out. You can use ceramic bowls, plastic flower pots, glass, or wood boxes. The easiest and least expensive containers are plastic pots or ceramic bowls. Some plastic pots tend to vibrate when you put everything together. Ceramic bowls are more solid, lesseningrepparttar 116233 vibration Look in your cupboard for a casserole, serving dish, punch bowl, or fruit bowl if you're in a hurry to make a fountain.

2. A small water pump (less than 100 gallons per hour) and clear plastic tubing (1/2" inner dimension or 5/8" outer dimension). Fish tank pumps are fine. The smallest ones work well forrepparttar 116234 typical size containers. Some shops supply suction cups with water pumps. Bothrepparttar 116235 pump and tubing can be found at an aquarium, hardware, or garden supply store. To straightenrepparttar 116236 hose, boil it in water for a while.

3.Rocks; pebbles; slate; crystals; semi-precious stones; drift wood pieces; shells, anything that goes in water can be used. Each item can have a special meaning, thus adding torepparttar 116237 individuality of your fountain If you select rocks from your garden make sure you clean them well in a water-bleach bath. You can substitute polyethylene spray foam for bigger rocks thus reducingrepparttar 116238 need for heavy rocks.

4. Plants add greenery to your fountain. A small clipping will do nicely. You could also use a small pot or glass bottle [baby food jar], fill it with water, putrepparttar 116239 plant inside and place it insiderepparttar 116240 fountain bowl.

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