Vertical Truth Surfing Vero Beach, Florida

Written by Mike

Vertical Truth Surfing Vero Beach, Florida

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"You gotta want to do it you have got to want to SURF!"

These words come from Lou Maresca as I sit listening in a pavilion at Fort Pierce State Recreation Area just south of Vero Beach, Florida. I had come to write an article on his school and attend a session of classes and I have to admit I had not really givenrepparttar issue all that much thought. I mean, after all, how hard can it be?

Well, I'll tell you what - it ain't easy! But if you are aged 7 to 70 and in relatively decent shape, Lou and his crew will teach you how to surf. They claim a success rate of 95% and I believe them, having seen as much with my own eyes. Lou pioneered East Coast surf schools some years ago, works out of a beautiful facility, has tons of experience, and uses quality equipment. Do not be fooled by imitators.

Before class started Lou personally spoke to each potential student and intensively asked some questions about their abilities and experiences:

He was a very serious and focused, clearly a professional gaugingrepparttar 137736 strengths and weaknesses of his clients. Nextrepparttar 137737 payments outstanding were dealt with, all accomplished with very little hassle. Lou makes family discounts and will take checks (Florida only). This was aboutrepparttar 137738 timerepparttar 137739 comment that opens this story was heard. One ofrepparttar 137740 students was not sure she was into it and it became clear that Lou had been here before. I figured out later he simply didn't want to be wasting anyone's time duringrepparttar 137741 lessons to be dealing with a situation he could handle right now. He assuredrepparttar 137742 young lady that his feelings were not onrepparttar 137743 line, he just wanted to make sure they weren't going to have to be talking anyone into anything once out inrepparttar 137744 water. She said she wanted to surf and we were off.

Lou's school has a couple different levels of instruction: those who know how to surf and those who don't. Those who have surfed before and are fairly competent atrepparttar 137745 basics of surfing will receive personal instruction atrepparttar 137746 hands ofrepparttar 137747 master. They will proceed directly torepparttar 137748 water and Lou will watch them surf for a bit, then he'll join them inrepparttar 137749 water and assist them inrepparttar 137750 finer points of choosing waves and getting up to speed so as to overtake and meld with them for a free ride torepparttar 137751 beach. He will fine tune their technique and do some surfing himself, allowing them to see how it's done. The other group of students, those who have not surfed before or who are still working onrepparttar 137752 basics of paddling out and into waves and then popping up on their boards, will stay for an hour of instruction back atrepparttar 137753 pavilion before proceeding torepparttar 137754 water. That was for me and half a dozen children, I'd say from ages 7 to 13.

Surf Divas The Girls Curl the Surf in California

Written by Lena Hunt Mabra

Surf Divas The Girls Curlrepparttar Surf in California

Read Jetsetters Magazine at

Read Jetsetters Magazine at To read this entire feature FREE with photos cut and paste this link:

If everybody had an ocean acrossrepparttar 137735 USA/ Then everybody'd be surfin' like California/ All over La Jolla at Wiamea Bay/ Everybody's gone surfin- Surfin' USA/

I pushed hard onrepparttar 137736 large button of my ghetto blaster as it clunkedrepparttar 137737 cassette tape on to my beach motif bed comforter. It wasrepparttar 137738 year 1983 and I was decked out inrepparttar 137739 hand-sewn, self-designed shirt and jams imprinted with palm trees and surfboards. Funny, now that I think about it but I had usedrepparttar 137740 same fabric forrepparttar 137741 bedding and my clothes. So it was hard to know where I began and whererepparttar 137742 bed ended. Wow! Was I tacky or what? Talented but tacky!

Being a natural born artist and dreamer, my creations expressed my deep longing to live anywhere, just anywhere inrepparttar 137743 world but Small Town, USA. Landlocked forever with not a wave of water in sight. As far fromrepparttar 137744 ocean as you could possibly get in a small, no, minute; scratch that, molecular town with a population of 800 and decreasing. Known for its chicken farms, chicken processing plants, andrepparttar 137745 prized dog food plant.

No, I'm not knocking my hometown; it's just that I had bigger aspirations. Reading books and writing in journals took me to faraway places with so many adventures but reality kept me landlocked. I wasn't happy with justrepparttar 137746 idea of graduating from high school, marrying a local boy, and raising children and chickens. I wanted so much more out of life.

Growing up in a small town and on a farm taught me many valuable skills and provided wonderful childhood memories and I wouldn't trade these forrepparttar 137747 world. But asrepparttar 137748 Beach Boys crooned out to Bar-bar-bar-bar-bar-Barbara Ann, I gazed up atrepparttar 137749 fake palm trees hanging overhead and dreamed once again of being a surfer girl inrepparttar 137750 California sun.

Now twenty-one years later, I'm totally stoked about heading out to southern California to catch a wave and soon I'll be sittin' on top ofrepparttar 137751 world, asrepparttar 137752 lyrics of another song go!

"Dude,repparttar 137753 water's soooo totally hot today!" Some bushy, bushy blonde hairdo-ed surfer tells me as if I were a local or something. It's 6:30 inrepparttar 137754 morning and he's already finished surfing. What? Do people just get up and hitrepparttar 137755 waves before they go to work? Do they even go to work?

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