Verizon Missing Out on Customers by not Allowing Third Party Content

Written by Anthony Wayne

Third Party Mobile Content Prized by Cell Phone Users

By Anthony Wayne

Atlantic City, NJ – For years,repparttar nation’s largest cellular carrier, Verizon, has operated with a “walled garden” approach to mobile data services, meaning that it would not permit downloads of independent content to its customers. The walled garden, however, may soon fall down.

A recent survey by Handango found that third-party applications had a “strong influence” or “somewhat of an influence” on 69 percent of consumers’ decisions to choose their carriers and phone models. The survey of over 14,000 mobile content users found thatrepparttar 147554 ability to utilize third-party content was a “powerful influencer” in mobile phone decision making. The survey also suggests that users of mobile content are more satisfied and less likely to change brands or carriers.

Up until now, Verizon and Sprint have maintained their networks solely for its own mobile data content. This also applied torepparttar 147555 third-party use of premium SMS. Industry analysts, however, are now speculating that Verizon and then Sprint may soon permitrepparttar 147556 use of premium SMS services on its network for third party content. Apparently,repparttar 147557 carriers are starting to realize that by not offering this service, it is akin to possibly losing millions of potential customers.

Cordless Phone Systems

Written by Jason Morris

Cordless phone systems offer many features and are ideal for small businesses or businesses that are run from home. As well as increasingrepparttar portability of your phone system, they also increase office efficiency and productivity.

The first cordless phone systems were introduced inrepparttar 147334 1970 and suffered from issues such as large handset size and short battery life. Since thenrepparttar 147335 technology and security of modern systems has grown continuously.

A good cordless phone system can now offer benefits such as: voice mail, call forwarding, caller I.D. and many more. The latest systems also offer: lightweight handsets, speed dialling, digital answering and long battery life. You can now choose from a range of high quality cordless phone systems that offer excellent clarity with virtually no interference.

Cordless phone systems allow you to contact a user that may be walking around. Each system has a base unit which enables you to pagerepparttar 147336 handset of a user, so long as they are in range. You can then speak torepparttar 147337 user throughrepparttar 147338 intercom facility. Some systems allow you to use another handset asrepparttar 147339 intercom instead ofrepparttar 147340 base station.

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