Ventilation - A Roofing Issue

Written by Bob W / Four Seasons Roofing and Siding


This is a topic that is largely misunderstood byrepparttar Roofing Industry. Proper ventilation is lauded by almost everyone, and rightfully so, as a key element in roof longevity and energy savings. The impetus to capitalize onrepparttar 100163 issue comes, like most things, from a drive for profit. The least amount of labor expended andrepparttar 100164 higher dollar contract equals profit. An improper ventilation system, however profits no one, especiallyrepparttar 100165 roofer that stakes a reputation on it.

We always will ask to see your attic space and we verify and measure existing ventilation openings. We diagnose potential problems and endeavor to educate you,repparttar 100166 consumer. We explain exactly your roof’s requirements and we give it to you in writing. Occasionally a customer will have reason to not wantrepparttar 100167 ventilation

A Roofing Enigma

Written by Bob W / Four Seasons Roofing and Siding

For all of those who suffer fromrepparttar giant ice growth atrepparttar 100162 eaves inrepparttar 100163 winter.

Ice and Water Shield

The onset ofrepparttar 100164 ice & water shield usage inrepparttar 100165 northeast afterrepparttar 100166 great ice storms ofrepparttar 100167 early 90’s has brought with it a mentality that has made forrepparttar 100168 profession a strange enigma. The experience that is forever embedded onrepparttar 100169 minds of those that dwelled underrepparttar 100170 massive influx of water resulting from ice dams has causedrepparttar 100171 mandate of ice and water shield usage inrepparttar 100172 installation of new roofing systems. This is much like a doctor that treatsrepparttar 100173 symptom, rather than offering a cure. Ventilation is almost alwaysrepparttar 100174 way to cure such problems. The costliness of doingrepparttar 100175 job right often involves a redesign ofrepparttar 100176 situation. Many times, with a little education, more can be done withrepparttar 100177 proper approach that can afford a lasting roofing system, and a healthier environment for those living insiderepparttar 100178 dwelling. Visit us at:

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