Written by Robert Bruce Baird


"In 1953 while addressing graduate students at Princeton University, Velikovsky suggested two further testable phenomena: thatrepparttar Earth's magnetic field reaches as far out into space asrepparttar 136481 Moon's orbit and is responsible forrepparttar 136482 vibratory or rocking movements ofrepparttar 136483 moon. And he suggested thatrepparttar 136484 planet Jupiter (from which he saidrepparttar 136485 Venus-comet had originated) radiates inrepparttar 136486 radio frequency range ofrepparttar 136487 electromagnetic spectrum.

These predictions were taken by scientists ofrepparttar 136488 1950s as being tantamount to proof of Velikovsky's ignorance, insanity or both. {We will see him ripping Egyptology apart inrepparttar 136489 Ramessides issue and mentioningrepparttar 136490 older alphabet as well.} Harlow Shapley refused to become involved in any experimental research to confirm his ideas. When, for instance, it was suggested that Shapley might userepparttar 136491 Harvard observatory to search for evidence of hydrocarbons inrepparttar 136492 Venusian atmosphere. Shapley replied that he wasn't interested in Velikovsky's 'sensational claims' because they violaterepparttar 136493 laws of mechanics and 'if Dr Velikovsky is right,repparttar 136494 rest of us are crazy'.

Within little more than a decade of publication, 'all' of Velikovsky's key predictions were confirmed by experiment. The 'Mariner' spacecraft of 1963 determined by experiment thatrepparttar 136495 surface temperature of Venus is inrepparttar 136496 region of 800 degrees Fahrenheit and thatrepparttar 136497 planet's fifteen-mile thick atmosphere is composed of heavy hydrocarbon molecules and possibly more complex organic compounds as well. {My father told me as I was growing uprepparttar 136498 methane type atmosphere could be changed to an earth type atmosphere withrepparttar 136499 explosion of hydrogen bombs inrepparttar 136500 atmosphere of Venus.}

In April 1955, Drs. B. F. Burke and K. L. Franklin announced torepparttar 136501 American Astronomical Society their accidental discovery of radio noise broadcast by Jupiter. In 1962,repparttar 136502 US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington andrepparttar 136503 Goldstone Tracking Station in southern California announced that radiometric observations showed Venus to have a slow retrograde motion. Inrepparttar 136504 same year,repparttar 136505 'Explorer' satellite detectedrepparttar 136506 Earth's magnetic field at a distance of at least twenty-two Earth radii, while in 1965 it was reported thatrepparttar 136507 tail extends 'at least as far asrepparttar 136508 moon'. (3)

Considering thatrepparttar 136509 main thrust of science's attack on Velikovsky was a personal attack on his integrity,repparttar 136510 behavior of some of his most vociferous critics inrepparttar 136511 scientific community makes interesting reading. In August 1963, 'Harper's Magazine' which had carriedrepparttar 136512 original announcement of Velikovsky's theories, now did a retrospective piece pointing out how all his main predictions had been borne out. The author of both articles, Eric Larrabee, made a reference which drew a thunderous response from Donald Menzel, director of Harvard College Observatory. Atrepparttar 136513 height ofrepparttar 136514 controversy a decade earlier, Menzel had tried to shoot Velikovsky down by calculating that for his astronomical theory to be right,repparttar 136515 Sun would have to have a surface potential of 10 billion billion volts. Obviously, said Menzel, this is impossible so Velikovsky must be wrong. By an extraordinary chance, in 1960, V. A. Bailey, emeritus professor of physics at Sydney University (who knew nothing ofrepparttar 136516 Velikovsky controversy) claimed to have discovered thatrepparttar 136517 Sun is electrically charged and has a surface potential of 10 billion billion volts - exactlyrepparttar 136518 value calculated by Menzel.

Feeling that Bailey's discovery made him look foolish, Menzel now sent off a strongly worded response to 'Harper's' and a letter to Bailey in Australia asking him to revoke his theory ofrepparttar 136519 electric charge onrepparttar 136520 Sun as it was assistingrepparttar 136521 enemy.

Word Games To Die For - Spelvin

Written by David D. Deprice


Spell as many words as you can with 7 letters!

Userepparttar Hold buttons and then pull Spin to refreshrepparttar 136211 tiles you wish weren't there! Keeprepparttar 136212 Juice inrepparttar 136213 tank from running out and rack up a big worldwide high score!

Play Spelvin like a gambler as you scramble for words and gamble with Juice to spin for better letters.


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