Vegetarian Tips: Make Your Vegetarian Diet A Balanced Diet!

Written by Jasdeep Singh

The world has opened eyes torepparttar harmful side-effects of non-veg food like red meat and is now opening arms to Vegetarian Food. A very common myth found among common man is that vegetarian food doesnt provide you with necessary nutrients but a Vegetarian Diet, in no ways, is deprived of necessary nutrients, Only if you have a balanced Vegetarian Diet. Make sure you eat a lot of fruits and dont follow particular monotonous meals.

Some Nutrients you dont come across normally in Vegetarian Diets are:-

a) Iron

b) Calcium

c) Zinc

d) Protien

e) Vitamin D

f) Vitamin B12

But you can always have vegetarian source for these nutrients. On a other side ofrepparttar 140855 coin, there are a lots of benifits of Vegetarian Food (incomplete) . They are rich in

. You can Find Iron inrepparttar 140856 following Vegetarian Food items:- Cashews, tomato juice, rice, garbanzo beans (chick peas) and tofu.

. You can Find Calcium inrepparttar 140857 following Vegetarian Food items:- Dairy products, fortified soymilk, fortified orange juice, tofu and broccoli.

Frugal Menu Planning--Getting Started

Written by Cyndi Roberts

Getting started making a plan for a week's worth of meals can surely be a bit daunting at first. It need not be complicated--though a little bit of time spent planning will be well worth it!

A good way to start is by looking at what you already have on hand -- sort of taking a visual inventory.

Next,it's helpful to list on a piece of paper, allrepparttar meals forrepparttar 140778 coming week. For example, list allrepparttar 140779 days, then Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc.

On this list of meals, write down a main dish and a couple of side dishes that you want to make, keeping in mind what staples are on hand inrepparttar 140780 cupboard and inrepparttar 140781 freezer. Try to come up with as many meals as you can with what you have on hand.

Remember to write down some ofrepparttar 140782 extras you think you might like to make duringrepparttar 140783 coming week -- such as cookies, snacks or desserts.

Always keeprepparttar 140784 ads fromrepparttar 140785 local grocery store handy and plan meals aroundrepparttar 140786 weekly specials, if possible. Don't just think about main dishes; if bananas are on sale, make banana bread for snacks, or lunches, for example.

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