Vegan Shoes

Written by Anna Wilde

For vegans, some ethical quetions come into play when shopping for shoes. It isn't just about which Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos looks best. It's about which shoes causerepparttar least amount of harm to our animal friends.

One ofrepparttar 149926 most difficult aspects of being a vegan is finding shoes that are not made of leather. For women with a sense of fashion, this can be a challenge. There's a misconception that vegans are all hippies who don't mind wearing Birkenstocks allrepparttar 149927 time. The truth is, many of us love sexy sandals and knee-high boots just like our carnivorous sisters.

So what to do? Finding cruelty-free shoes isn't as hard as it sounds. These days, more and more companies are catering to those with a cruelty-free fashion sense. Ten years ago, vegan shoes all lookedrepparttar 149928 same. Nowadays, there is a wider variety from which to choose.

Court Use of Real Memory Machines

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

REAL VS. IMAGINARY MEMORY: - Research has developed a new lie detection method which could save billions of dollars and greatly minimize immoral incarceration of innocents through such travesties asrepparttar 'jailhouse confessions' created by police in L. A. which were exposed in 2003. It is not yet 100% accurate according to American Bar Association reports but it is awful close and one heck of a lot better thanrepparttar 149690 court system which doesn't have to be done away with, yet. Still in conjunction with truth serum and lie detection, innocent people could be savedrepparttar 149691 awesome social and other costs of being charged in cases that are uncertain (at a minimum this should be done).

The concept rests on a part ofrepparttar 149692 brain that records a real memory

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