Value Selling

Written by Steve Waterhouse

How to create business whenrepparttar PO's all dry up.

If you have not experienced a drop in sales recently, you might choose to skip this issue. Onrepparttar 139439 other hand, if you miss it, you just might find yourself competing with those who learned this technique.

Two things happen in a down market that directly affect every sales professional.

1. Total spending is cut irrationally

2. Buying power moves uprepparttar 139440 organization

The cure for each of these problems is found in Value Selling. Simple features and benefits selling is designed to satisfy needs whenrepparttar 139441 client is buying but it's tough to use them with a client who isn't.

Total spending is cut irrationally

In down markets, you will often hear clients complain about their company's 10% across-the-board budget cuts. They explain it to you as if it actually made sense and then use if as an excuse for not buying. It's safe to say that any company that cuts 10% out of every department has failed to takerepparttar 139442 time to analyze their spending needs properly. After all, if you were in a boat that was 10% over weight, would you toss 10% of everything overboard? If you did,repparttar 139443 engine would stop running andrepparttar 139444 hull would begin to leak!

Your job is to help your clients examine their businesses in such a way that they realize that your offering will actually add money (Value) to their bottom line. Only when we do, will they feel justified in reallocating money to buy your product or service.

There is one major caveat to Value Selling: Your offering must, in some way, actually be able to helprepparttar 139445 client earn or save more than it costs.

Step 1: Develop your case

Imagine you arerepparttar 139446 CEO of your client's company. Even in a downturn, you would gladly give a trip to Aruba to any employee who could show you how to significantly increase sales or cut costs. Your job is to make a case that would earn that trip. Here's how to do it:

a. Understandrepparttar 139447 client's business - You must investigate your client's business as if you were going to buy it. You need to know their "critical numbers", those statistics that every manager watches every day. You need to know how your offering fits into their business and what affect it could have onrepparttar 139448 critical numbers.

b. Build a positive scenario - Once you fully understandrepparttar 139449 details, prepare a proposal that showsrepparttar 139450 positive affect of your offering andrepparttar 139451 return on investment thatrepparttar 139452 company will experience by purchasing it.

Sales Lessons From the Election

Written by Steve Waterhouse

Some problems must be solved early by Steve Waterhouse

We are watching a very fundamental sales management problem played out inrepparttar Florida elections (this is not political!). It's called BLAME and it can destroy our sales organization from within.

When we affixrepparttar 139438 blame, we immediately stoprepparttar 139439 progress. We can often look at our job descriptions to seerepparttar 139440 problem. In an election,repparttar 139441 job ofrepparttar 139442 elections supervisor is to observerepparttar 139443 rules and protectrepparttar 139444 rule of law. As a result, when they find tens of thousands of bad ballots, they don't see it as a problem. In fact, they see it as a success. Their job was to set aside bad ballots. It says so in their job description! As a result, finding bad ballots equals doing their job.

But what ifrepparttar 139445 job description was changed. What if their job was to ensure thatrepparttar 139446 elections accurately reflectedrepparttar 139447 will ofrepparttar 139448 voters? In that case, bad ballots would be seen as a bad situation and any system that created too many bad ballots would immediately be fixed. In that case, Palm Beach County would have replaced their voting system four years ago when 14,000 bad ballots were discovered.

Look at some ofrepparttar 139449 metrics we use inrepparttar 139450 job descriptions for our sales staffs. They can include making more calls, sending out more literature, giving more product presentations, submitting more proposals and even updatingrepparttar 139451 mailing list. Unfortunately, all of these can be successfully accomplished without ever getting to a single sale. Sales people can point torepparttar 139452 required task list and justify a very busy day with very little progress. They can blame everyone except themselves.

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