Valencia Spain - Land of Orange Groves

Written by Linda Plummer

Capital ofrepparttar Comunidad Valenciana this vibrant city is famous for beingrepparttar 140363 place where El Cid (Spain´s national hero) fought againstrepparttar 140364 Moors.

Situated close torepparttar 140365 Mediterranean Sea, it possesses two urban beaches still withinrepparttar 140366 township plus several beaches just a bus ride away such as Cullera, Gandía and Oliva.

Valencia also has a good, modern shopping center, a pulsating nightlife and plenty to interestrepparttar 140367 children ... Gulliver Park Playground, Botanical Gardens, Zoo and l´Oceanogràfic that wonderful aquarium andrepparttar 140368 biggest in Europe.

The most important fiesta of this city is that ofrepparttar 140369 Fallas which lasts from 15th-19th March. Easter Week is also very much celebrated, with some splendid processions.

And, of course, Valencia offers plenty of culture and history!

Atrepparttar 140370 heart of old Valencia isrepparttar 140371 Plaza de la Virgen, oncerepparttar 140372 location ofrepparttar 140373 Roman Forum. Around this beautiful square isrepparttar 140374 Cathedral dating from 1262, and its octagonal bell tower called Micalet or Miguelete which is landmark to Valencia.

Inrepparttar 140375 Cathedral´s Museum are works by several wonderful artists such as Goya, Jacomart, Cellini and Paggibonsi.

Next torepparttar 140376 Cathedral isrepparttar 140377 Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados a temple dedicated torepparttar 140378 patroness of Valencia, built between 1652 and 1667.

Madrid Spain - Take A Tour Of A City That Rocks

Written by Linda Plummer

One thing is for sure, "Madrileños" certainly know how to enjoy life torepparttar full, and you should too whilst in Madrid, forrepparttar 140362 capital of Spain is a charming city, rich in culture and, at night it really rocks!

For shopoholics, its bustling Gran Via offers some ofrepparttar 140363 finest stores in Europe.

Forrepparttar 140364 children, there is plenty to keep them amused withrepparttar 140365 Zoo-Aquarium,repparttar 140366 Faunia Theme Park,repparttar 140367 Wax Museum,repparttar 140368 Amusement Park, Warner Bros-Madrid Theme Park ...

Andrepparttar 140369 city comes alive at night for everyone. Cinemas, theaters, nightclubs, restaurants, floorshows, ballet, opera ...repparttar 140370 choice is yours!

Duringrepparttar 140371 day, there are all those sensational sights to see, many of which can be viewed from an open-top tour bus if you´re feeling too lazy to walk!

The Palacio Real or Royal Palace has beenrepparttar 140372 residence of repparttar 140373 Spanish Royal Monarchy in Madrid since 1764. Across its courtyard isrepparttar 140374 Royal Armoury and, close by, arerepparttar 140375 beautiful Sabatini Gardens and Cathedral ofrepparttar 140376 Almudena, where Prince Felipe recently married his true love.

The Plaza Mayor is a huge square of 3-storey buildings constructed in 1617 with a statue of Felipe III on horeseback in its center.

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