Vacation Break for Electrical Machines

Written by Thomas Yoon

Are you overloaded? Have you become a part ofrepparttar highly stressed modern working environment? You may need a break - a vacation, a change in environment, a change of pace...

Similarly, machines can be overloaded too. Those that were designed for a particular system are often pushed to their limits when new requirements emerge.

Just likerepparttar 133372 final straw that breaksrepparttar 133373 camel's back, electrical machines too, can reach their breaking point. If there is no vacation for them, they will burn.

Fuses and circuit breakers are designed to stoprepparttar 133374 current in a circuit before any damage can occur - create a vacation or a break for them.

A circuit breaker is one ofrepparttar 133375 ways to prevent motors (or other electrical machines) from burning due to overloading. All electrical motors produce heat when running. Atrepparttar 133376 time of a fault, this heat builds up at a much higher rate than it can be dissipated. This can result in damaged equipment, fire or even explosion.

The electrical protective device likerepparttar 133377 circuit breaker is designed to de-energizerepparttar 133378 circuit before this heat level becomes dangerous.

There are basically 2 means of activating a break - thermally (heat) or magnetically.

Thermal circuit breakers make use of bimetallic strips that will bend due torepparttar 133379 different expansion rates of each ofrepparttar 133380 metals in repparttar 133381 strip. The bending ofrepparttar 133382 strip will move a tripping mechanism latch that will then open uprepparttar 133383 contacts ofrepparttar 133384 circuit breaker.

Because bimetallic strips take time to heat up and bend, this type of tripping device is used for tripping prolonged overloaded situations. The setting for breakingrepparttar 133385 circuit at a particular overload value can be adjusted.

Expert Guide to Sony's HDV camcorder

Written by Kenny Hemphill

The Sony HD camcorder,repparttar Handycam HDR-FX1 is being marketed byrepparttar 133371 company as ‘world's first HDV 1080i consumer camcorder’. But at $3,700, it’s price tag is stretchingrepparttar 133372 consumer label somewhat.

However, there’s no doubtrepparttar 133373 the industry sees HD video as a consumer format and prices will come down overrepparttar 133374 next couple of years. This Sony HD camcorder is justrepparttar 133375 start of what is sure to be an avalanche of HD camcorders from electronics companies overrepparttar 133376 next few months.

So, does this mean we can all look forward to shooting Hollywood-quality home movies inrepparttar 133377 future? Not quite. Although its true that some Hollywood fetaures, such as George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars: Attack ofrepparttar 133378 Clones’ are being shot in high definition video, its notrepparttar 133379 same high definition as is shot and recorded by these camcorders.

If you look again at that Sony quote, you’ll seerepparttar 133380 important label, 1080i. If you’re familiar with HDTV, you’ll know that 1080 refers to 1080 lines of vertical resolution andrepparttar 133381 ‘i’ meansrepparttar 133382 video is interlaced. 1080i is one ofrepparttar 133383 two most common HDTV formats,repparttar 133384 other being 720p (720 lines, progressive scan).

Hollywood HD movies are shot on another format, 1080p. This is higher quality thanrepparttar 133385 other two, as it mixesrepparttar 133386 higher resolution withrepparttar 133387 better-quality progressive scan picture.

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