VIP PowerNet (VIPWH) Launches Windows Web Hosting

Written by Paras Shah

VIP PowerNet, Inc., one ofrepparttar nation's leading Internet service providers, today announcedrepparttar 142069 addition of a Windows-based solution to its suite of business class Web hosting services. Geared toward small businesses,repparttar 142070 new Web hosting product is offered in three different service plans, and features a Web hosting or ecommerce package, mailboxes and Web site traffic measurement, as well as options for domain name registration and a search engine submission.

The addition of Windows hosting meetsrepparttar 142071 needs of today's small business customer whetherrepparttar 142072 customer is marketing a service, product or business onrepparttar 142073 Internet or selling products online. Combining VIP PowerNet's award winning toll-free customer service and support with Windows hosting provides a superior choice for small business customers establishing a presence online.

Each service level of VIP PowerNet's Windows based product, comes with a control panel that allowsrepparttar 142074 customer to manage their account and accessrepparttar 142075 web hosting features. Also included are options of 50, 200, 400 and 1000MB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 5, 10, 50 and 200 mailboxes respectively, and range in price from $9.15 - $35.15. All web hosting plan and pricing are listed at:

VIP PowerNet is a leading provider of Internet services that meetrepparttar 142076 needs ofrepparttar 142077 small business market. Featuring Windows and Linux based Web hosting & ecommerce services,repparttar 142078 company also offers business grade Internet access including dial-up, high-speed, dedicated and wireless. Web hosting customers can also count on VIP PowerNet's reliable service with nearly 100 percent up-time and access to roundrepparttar 142079 clock technical and customer support.

Comparing Free Blogging Software

Written by Don Beavers

Withrepparttar increased interest in Blogging (web Logging), many web hosting providers now provide an assortment of free usage, open source blogging software packages. Amongrepparttar 141649 most popular of these blogging tools are B2evolution, WordPress and Nucleus. Each of these programs offer similar basic features, sorepparttar 141650 question arises as to which one is easiest to use and would be appropriate forrepparttar 141651 requirements of your particular website.

The answer lies inrepparttar 141652 true purpose of your blog website. If your primary goal is to share your opinions and ideas withrepparttar 141653 general public, you would want to utilize a different blogging tool than a user who was creating product blogs as a commercial sales effort. A blog for search engine promotion would have entirely different requirements. All of these uses are viable reasons to create a blog, however each requires different features to be successful.

WordPress Blogging Software Available for free download at:

It is hard to beat WordPress for general personal blogging. WordPress is an open source, state-of-the-art personal publishing platform with a focus on presentation and usability. Everything related to creating and updating your blog is available through an intuitive graphical interface. With WordPress there is no need to compile your work. You simply write your column. You then selectrepparttar 141654 features you want and your blog is instantly created and published to your website.

If you are on vacation, you can schedule your uploads for some date inrepparttar 141655 future or even email your column torepparttar 141656 server! The system allows multiple users with multiple blogs divided into categories and sub-categories. This allows multiple family members or friends to create their own blogs along with yours.

Easy customization andrepparttar 141657 availability of many "plug-ins" that provide more functionality (add new features as you learn) makes this software a very good choice for most individuals.

B2evolution Available for free download at:

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