Written by Simon Mitchell

Vibrational medicine attempts to treat people with various forms of pure energy. The influence of alternative medical systems such as Chinese, Ayervedic or Tibetan medicine have led in part torepparttar development of machines that can 'image energy'. Heat energy imagers are an accepted part of our technology. We readily accept imaging heat, even though we can't see it, because heat is something we can sense through touch. Withrepparttar 147753 'energy body' it is not so straightforward. Very few of us have experienced this for ourselves and there is apparently no sensory backup to tell us it is there.

Experiments in 'electro-acupuncture' and Kirlian photography have led to an energy map ofrepparttar 147754 body identical to that shown in traditional Chinese medicine. The meridian system is seen as an interface betweenrepparttar 147755 physical body andrepparttar 147756 energy body. Applications of resonant energy torepparttar 147757 meridian system promote healing in a number of dis-eases, by alteringrepparttar 147758 energy ofrepparttar 147759 'root system' concerned inrepparttar 147760 dis-ease. Much of this work seems to be 'undercover' and information andrepparttar 147761 manufacture of equipment for treatments of this nature is actually suppressed through legislation.

The etheric body, acupuncture meridians, chakras and nadis and other multi-dimensional aspects ofrepparttar 147762 human are described by ancient schools of healing throughoutrepparttar 147763 world. Western medicine in its reductionist stance, ignores these aspects because they can't be studied under a microscope. Only now, atrepparttar 147764 beginning ofrepparttar 147765 21st century are some doctors starting to catch on.

Vibrational medicine interfaces with subtle energy fields that underlyrepparttar 147766 functions of a physical body. It is based onrepparttar 147767 idea of resonant frequencies, similar to a tuned string on a musical instrument resonating with anything tuned torepparttar 147768 same frequency, or an opera singer smashing a glass by singing at a certain pitch. Some sciences and philosophies have recognised vibrational elements as an important part ofrepparttar 147769 universe. It is proving difficult to link these new sciences withrepparttar 147770 dogma of Western medicine. Even as long ago as 1928 Thomas Sugrue recognised vibrational elements at work inrepparttar 147771 human body:

"The human body is made up of electronic vibrations, with each atom and elements ofrepparttar 147772 body, each organ and organism, having its electronic unit of vibration necessary forrepparttar 147773 sustenance of, and equilibrium in that particular organism. Each unit, then, being a cell or a unit of life in itself hasrepparttar 147774 capacity of reproducing itself byrepparttar 147775 firstrepparttar 147776 law as is known as reproduction-division. When a force in any organ or element ofrepparttar 147777 body becomes deficient in its ability to reproduce that equilibrium necessary forrepparttar 147778 sustenance of physical existence and its reproduction, that portion becomes deficient in electronic energy. This may come by injury or disease, received by external forces. It may come from internal forces through lack of eliminations produced inrepparttar 147779 system or by other agencies to meet its requirements inrepparttar 147780 body." Edgar Cayce (1928) from There is a River by Thomas Sugrue.

The treatment room

Written by Simon Mitchell

I openrepparttar arched doorway and enterrepparttar 147752 walled garden. As usualrepparttar 147753 plants contain their own inner lights, reaching up torepparttar 147754 sky they glow in luminous green. The deep black soil glints with touches of silica light as I walkrepparttar 147755 path acrossrepparttar 147756 garden. The scents of lavendar, rosemary, marjoram, jasmine and a thousand others hang in inrepparttar 147757 air, buzzing my nose like hardworking bees making trails betweenrepparttar 147758 rich flowers. Here inrepparttar 147759 garden is every plant, but I'm not working here today.

Onrepparttar 147760 other side ofrepparttar 147761 garden is another arched doorway set inrepparttar 147762 old, red-brick wall. I touchrepparttar 147763 rough wood ofrepparttar 147764 doorway which is warm withrepparttar 147765 sunlight andrepparttar 147766 door swings open. In front of me is a huge room, full of books and tapes and CD's, microfiche andrepparttar 147767 odd bit of electrical equipment. The tall shelves stretch away to vanishing point onrepparttar 147768 other side ofrepparttar 147769 room. I hearrepparttar 147770 warm wooden floorboards sound under my feet as I crossrepparttar 147771 room, enjoyingrepparttar 147772 way thatrepparttar 147773 afternoon sunlight slants down fromrepparttar 147774 tall windows creating pools of light and shadow amongstrepparttar 147775 shelves, dilating and shrinking my pupils as I pass. But I'm not working here today.

The other side ofrepparttar 147776 library has another door, beautiful oak hung on silent hinges, it swings open. The treatment room is full of jars and bottles, chests of drawers, salves, decoctions, tissanes, crystals, rocks, strange magnetic implements. Here is every cure.

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