Using the power of NON-spam email

Written by Christopher Sewell

If you own a local retail store or local service business where customers come into your office or shop, you're going to love this report. I'm going to show you how to maximize your current customer base and improve sales by using NON-spam email.

Your business doesn't need a website to do what I'm going to show you here. This method is so simple, but overlooked by most local business owners, that when I explain this simple system to you, you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't think of it sooner. Best of all, you can start using this system TODAY.

If you're running a local business of any kind:

* cleaners * pet supply shop * hair salon * grocery store * lawn service * window washer * ice cream shop * dentist * personal trainer, etc... should be using email RIGHT NOW to increase your profits.

Let's say you own a local hair salon, for example. Obviously no one is going to go onrepparttar Internet looking for a hair stylist. People will not type repparttar 109713 words "hair salons" in a search engine to find a local hair salon. So what you should do is maximizerepparttar 109714 income potential of every local customer that does frequent your establishment.

Here's what you do: When a customer is paying for their service and they come to your register, make sure you collect their contact information. You want to get their first name, last name and email address logged into your database. I'm sure next to your cash register you have a computer where you could easily enter this information. If you don't have a computer next to your cash register...GET ONE!

Or you could simply write down this information on a sheet of paper to be transferred to your database later on. Ifrepparttar 109715 concept of a database seems to complex, just enterrepparttar 109716 information about each customer in a simple text file. The text file should look like this:


Written by Dennis Mahagin

There's no question about it: E Mail has arrived. According to a research group studying technology trends, byrepparttar year 2005, one third of all electronic billing will be carried out via e mail routes; and devices likerepparttar 109712 "Blackberry" (a palm-sized, mobile wireless device designed exclusively for sending and retrieving e mail) will no doubt inevitably be scaled down to micro-size and incorporated into household appliances and/or items of clothing-- so that sometime inrepparttar 109713 not-distant future you will be checking your Inbox from under a band-aid-sized fanny pack velcro snap, shoe sole, orrepparttar 109714 brim of your favorite baseball cap. There are even companies who will now pay you $$ to read, and send, E Mails!

The E Mail now stands poised to replacerepparttar 109715 "cold call" as one ofrepparttar 109716 most widely applicable and effective business tools ofrepparttar 109717 21st century. Herein liesrepparttar 109718 caveat: Technology such as this forces upon us a new communication style, summed up below forrepparttar 109719 purpose of keeping your vital business e mail communications from being mouse-pulled torepparttar 109720 nearest Trash icon by a deluged and easily-distracted reader. Think ofrepparttar 109721 acronym, T.I.T.E.-- for tight writing-- to burn these basic principles into your brainpan database.

Some Ballpark rules to ponder:

GET PERSONAL -- Engage back-up e mail accounts for sent-and-received messages ofrepparttar 109722 FFA (Free For All) Links and Autoresponder variety, freeing up your main mailbox for "quality time" correspondence, wherein you'll generaterepparttar 109723 bulk of your bona fide, "personal" contacts, two or three of which will be worth way more, overrepparttar 109724 long haul, than a hundred anonymous, automated hits that are divorced from your direct influence and mean very little outside a multi-level-marketing (MLM) context, which of course has its place but is handled by robots and, by default ! , is outsiderepparttar 109725 scope of this discussion. Which leads us right into:

BAD FORM -- If your message, sent by human - to human, reeks even remotely of a form letter, odds are it will be discarded, half-read or ignored completely, unless you're giving away autographed copies of Elvis Presley's last prescription refill ! Use templates and macros to easerepparttar 109726 process of multiple mailings, but try as best you can to "personalize" each message, (especially as concernsrepparttar 109727 Title and Body ofrepparttar 109728 e mail) and those few minutes of extra work will pay off huge dividends. Nothing turns a reader off more thanrepparttar 109729 stale tone and "voicemail-menu-cold" qualities of a form letter.

USE WHITE SPACE -- Break up your message with liberal usage ofrepparttar 109730 spacebar, both horizontally and vertically, i.e.-- between sentences like this; and between paragraphs

like this. It's just easier on overworked eyes period . Now forrepparttar 109731 main course of study :

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