Using the internet to manage your family’s finance

Written by Rachel Lane

The effectiveness of managing family finances has never been more significant, as parents struggle to find a balance between work and family life. A recent study by Mother and Baby magazine has found that new parents are getting less sleep than previous generations, with new mums struggling to manage their exhaustion.

Whilst there is no technological solution to sleepless nights as yet, it is possible to assign many tasks which were once only possible through physical movement, torepparttar internet, such as shopping and banking. No longer do you have to worry about co-ordinatingrepparttar 141140 demands of screaming children with your weekly shopping list or about missingrepparttar 141141 bank at 5:01pm. Whatever issues you may face with your child, there are plenty of websites collating advice from parents aroundrepparttar 141142 world, such as and

There are websites such as offering financial advice and support, and financial comparison sites such as,

Fourth Of July Safety

Written by Jill Nelson

Of allrepparttar holidays throughoutrepparttar 141110 year,repparttar 141111 Fourth of July typically presentsrepparttar 141112 greatest risk of fire danger and injuries for adults and children. Unsafe use of fireworks, sparklers and glow sticks are a serious concern. These products can be potentially harmful to individuals of all ages. So, before you swirl around a sparkler, light a firework or sport a glow stick around your neck or wrist, keep in mind these precautions to ensurerepparttar 141113 safety of you and everyone around you.

As usual,repparttar 141114 Fourth of July celebrations show many types of fireworks and other explosives. Fireworks can be very exciting and fun to watch; however they haverepparttar 141115 potential to become very dangerous torepparttar 141116 people lighting them as well asrepparttar 141117 bystanders. When lighting fireworks, make sure you followrepparttar 141118 instructions andrepparttar 141119 warnings onrepparttar 141120 labels. If a firework does not burn when you light it, do not try and light it again, this can pose huge injury risks. Did you know that most firework accidents are a result of people going back to light a firework which did not lightrepparttar 141121 first time? The safest choice, if you want to see fireworks onrepparttar 141122 Fourth of July, is to attend a local event, where you can watch a fireworks display created by professionals. This will be much safer for you, your family and your friends.

Sparklers are a great way to light uprepparttar 141123 night onrepparttar 141124 Fourth of July. As exciting as these items may seem to small children, it is important that they be used only by children 5 years of age or older. Children younger than 5 years old are too young to understand how to use them properly. When using sparklers make sure your child’s clothes are tight-fitting, sorepparttar 141125 sparkler does not catch fire onrepparttar 141126 clothes. If you have children with longer hair, make sure their hair is tied back since it is very easy for long hair to catch fire. Keep Sparklers away from other people and whenrepparttar 141127 sparkler is finished, place it (hot end down) into a bucket of water. Do not putrepparttar 141128 sparkler onrepparttar 141129 ground – it can end up piercing a foot or starting a fire!

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