Using the "Da Vinci Code" to build quality one way inbound links

Written by Jason Hulott

Sometimes you just need to look torepparttar latest book or movie to get inspiration. One way to use these phenomena is in your online press release campaign.

Seerepparttar 128236 title of this article? I practice what I preach. GRIN!

Writing press releases is a great way to attract interest about your business and get written about inrepparttar 128237 media. Don't think for one minute thatrepparttar 128238 press are only interested in "real" companies. If you have a newsworthy story that is topic and an editor thinks it will benefit his readers, he/she will publish it.

Hopefully this will lead to more traffic to your site, maybe a free link from their website, and sales! Yes, one way in bound links from authority sites! Manna from heaven. You just can't buy these kinds of quality inbound links.

But how do I write press releases or more importantly how to a sustain a press release writing campaign?

Here's whererepparttar 128239 "Da Vinci Code" comes in. If you have not heard about Dan Brown's controversial book then you must have been on a desert island forrepparttar 128240 last 5 years.

It has created much controversy and I hasten to add , money , that it truly is a phenomena. A movie is due soon with Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, alledgedly.

Anyways, anything related or even mentioningrepparttar 128241 "Da Vinci Code" is snapped up. I own several "other" Da Vinci Code books on crackingrepparttar 128242 code and information onrepparttar 128243 background torepparttar 128244 book etc etc. I don't haverepparttar 128245 t-shirt yet! Watch this space!

Do You Want To PUmp Up Your Search Engine Rankings?

Written by Rich Brunelle

Do You Want To PUmp Up Your Search Engine Rankings? by: Rich Brunelle

Tired of those low Search Engine rankings? Would you like to see your site a little higher inrepparttar Search Engine results pages? There are a few things you can do to improve your standings. It is assumed that you have already submitted your web site torepparttar 128235 major Search Engines. You can try some of these Web Site Promotion ideas:

1.) Submit your web site to some ofrepparttar 128236 Search and Link Directories. Not only does doing so add your web site information to another searchable database, but it provides you a link back to your site for Search Engines to use.

2.) Write to other web site Forums. Writing to Forums can be interesting and can be fun. But if you add a "signature" atrepparttar 128237 close of your entry that includes your web site name and URL, it then becomes web site promotion byrepparttar 128238 linkage it will create for Search Engines.

3.) Write Articles and submit them to other web sites and Free Article Exchanges. This article is an example. I will have submitted this article to at least two other places for free article exchange. As such it will be indexed and create valuable linkage beck to my web site due to my "Resource Box" atrepparttar 128239 close of this article. Then a few web sites will reprint it to their web sites and createrepparttar 128240 same linkage back to my web site. Say about one hundred reprints, one hundred invaluable links back to my web site!

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