Using the DNCI mode of Fanuc-0 for continuous machining of large programs

Written by ControlOn

Synopsis: For machining very large programs on a general purpose CNC,repparttar internal part program memory may become a constraint. This is usuallyrepparttar 133512 case with CAD generated programs for Die milling whererepparttar 133513 program size may run intorepparttar 133514 range of 20-30Mb, which is far beyondrepparttar 133515 capacity of a standard Fanuc-0 control. To execute such programsrepparttar 133516 alternatives are:

a) Breakuprepparttar 133517 programs to smaller manageable chunks as perrepparttar 133518 memory capacity ofrepparttar 133519 control and execute it one by one.

b) Userepparttar 133520 DNCI function available withrepparttar 133521 control.

Option a) is cumbersome since a lot of pre-processing has to be done to break uprepparttar 133522 program and while machining, after execution of every chunkrepparttar 133523 part program memory must be cleared, a new chunk loaded and executed. This involves a lot of operator intervention and may result in serious accident if a chunk out of sequence is loaded. This is whererepparttar 133524 DNCI option can be a big advantage.

Laptop Computer Extras for the Mobile Traveler

Written by John San Filippo

A laptop computer certainly provides you with an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility away fromrepparttar office. However there are a few extras you might want to bring along on your laptop travels:

Extra 1: portable printer

If you travel a lot, you never know when you might need to commit one of your digital documents to paper.

Sure, you can probably find a Kinko's, or evenrepparttar 133511 business center at your hotel, butrepparttar 133512 experienced business traveler knows you're much better off when you're not at someone else's mercy.

Extra 2: USB hub

If you need to connect to several external devices simultaneously,repparttar 133513 one or two USB ports on your laptop may or may not be sufficient. If not, keep an inexpensive four- port USB hub in your laptop case.

Extra 3: PC card token ring adapter

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