Using streaming media to benefit the music industry

Written by Adi Gaskell

Inrepparttar past couple of yearsrepparttar 109999 internet has opened up a new world of marketing opportunities for bothrepparttar 110000 independent musician and major record labels and their sponsors. Most ofrepparttar 110001 major music festivals and organized band events are sponsored by large corporations who set out to put their brand across to young music fans. Many of them still seem to be missingrepparttar 110002 link for getting these events shown to a much larger audience by usingrepparttar 110003 services provided by WebVideo4U. There is alsorepparttar 110004 scope for creating more online live and archived events and performances. The current way of online broadcasting of events is for a company to pay forrepparttar 110005 venues and ticketing, recording and web casting on their own website. This requires a bit too much involvement for most companies who would otherwise love their brands to be seen by a targeted audience.

Those who work inrepparttar 110006 healthcare industry have irregular work schedule; they often work at nights and they also have long shifts(12 hours or longer). Consequently, traditional classroom style education is notrepparttar 110007 best option to them, if they want to farther their education. However, they have a very viable option now, online education; online education allows them to study wherever they want and whenever they want, which is a great fit to nurses and doctors.

The current obstacle forrepparttar 110008 non-broadcasted events is that most bands and musicians

5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Radio Play for Your ďIndependentĒ Music!

Written by Ty Cohen

You have to find radio airplay time if youíre going to be heard and weíre not just talkingrepparttar local college campus. The trick is called promotion. Now that doesnít mean you just put your press kit in an envelope with a demo and hope they take pity on you. Perhaps you call a station and they give yourepparttar 109998 standard pitch of, ďSend it and if we like it weíll put you in rotation.Ē After a few months of never hearing your music, you automatically think youíre not worthy.

First, donít buy that. Youíre one of hundreds, maybe even thousands depending on your city. Your disc will probably end up inrepparttar 109999 trash or, for more enterprising DJ's, on Ebay in a one-cent CD sale. If you want to be heard and make potential sales, you have to stand out fromrepparttar 110000 crowd, and in this jewel of an article, Iíll show you Five(5) Knock Ďem Dead Ways to Do Just That!:

#1 - Get your CD intorepparttar 110001 right hands. The intern thatís too busy to getting coffee or typing up a report forrepparttar 110002 station manager isnít going to berepparttar 110003 one makingrepparttar 110004 airplay decision. So find out whorepparttar 110005 head honcho is in that department and touch base with them. Ifrepparttar 110006 club youíre playing at charges an admission or you have a show coming up offer to sendrepparttar 110007 stations tickets to give away to listeners. Now keep in mind you canít giverepparttar 110008 tickets torepparttar 110009 staff, since thatís illegal and called payola, but you can offer free giveaway items to your potential audience.

#2 - If youíve got one station in your pocket, then drop names. Let them know that WABC is playing your music and itís getting a great response.

#3 - Make genuine friends inrepparttar 110010 business. If youíve got a disc jockey thatís got you in rotation and really likes your sound, get to know them. Find out why they enjoy it and see if theyíve gotten any responses from listeners. If they havenít, ask if perhaps they might Q & A their callers about your music so you get a feel for your target audience. Itís not a bad idea to ask them for a testimonial or quote if theyíre well known in your area if you know them personally. People help people. Thatís a fact so if you treat your area disc jockeys like a living and breathing human and not dollar signs, thatís a foot inrepparttar 110011 door. Another good source is club owners. If they play your music andrepparttar 110012 fans go nuts ask them to say a few words about your sound that you can pass along to prospective stations, but be sure to sit down for a drink with them. Ask them aboutrepparttar 110013 picture of him andrepparttar 110014 woman and two kids behindrepparttar 110015 Magic Kingdom. Donít be fake, but be genuinely interested.

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