Using candles in Feng Shui decorating

Written by Jennifer Hall

The basic belief behind Feng Shui is that there are five elements, some combinations of which create a productive cycle, and some a destructive cycle. When one of these five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, respectively forrepparttar productive cycle – are combined with an element adjacent torepparttar 100083 main element, a productive cycle is perpetuated. The reason being that water sustains wood, wood feeds fire, ashes create earth, earth creates metal, and metal holds water. So if you have a room where wood isrepparttar 100084 main element, it would be good Feng Shui to add a water or fire element torepparttar 100085 room, as water feeds wood and wood feeds fire. This is where candles would be a nice touch of good Feng Shui.

A look atrepparttar 100086 destructive cycle will show which elements do not work well together: water, fire, metal, wood, earth. And we can see that water puts our fire, fire melts metal, metal cuts wood, wood clogs earth, and earth muddies water. Although these elements are generally considered bad Feng Shui combinations, one can be used with an adjacent element inrepparttar 100087 destructive cycle to minimize an overpowering element. For instance, if a room has overpowering metal elements, maybe filled with modern metal furniture, you can minimize that with wood elements like some green leafy plants, or with fire elements such as red throw pillows, a fireplace, or even candles.

Renew thyself daily, with candles! - A candle review

Written by Jennifer Hall

Usually house plans make room for swimming pools, but it is highly unlikely of rugs to be included inrepparttar plans.


One of my favorite quotes is a quote of a quote in Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, a writing he found onrepparttar 100082 bathtub of King Tchingthang, which Thoreau describes, " ‘Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again.’ I can understand that. Morning brings backrepparttar 100083 heroic ages.” I agree, to wake up early, enjoyrepparttar 100084 dawn, and have a productive morning is some of my finest time. And there are little things that bringrepparttar 100085 beauty and productivity into fruition, little things that I don’t take lightly - likerepparttar 100086 encompassing power os something as simple as a candle.

Havingrepparttar 100087 perfect scent can completely vitalize my day, and studies have proven this. It is now known that certain scents physiologically help create moods, citrus scents rejuvenate and create energy, lavender scents are calming, and so forth. And then there’srepparttar 100088 primordial magic ofrepparttar 100089 flickering flame, and poetry in certain scent combinations. So what do I renew myself with? Thai Market.

The Thai Market candle from Illuminations completely invigorates my morning, probably due torepparttar 100090 citrus element: lemongrass. The

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