Using Voicemail to Make a Great First Impression with Recruiters

Written by Scott Brown

Job seekers know there is more to a job search than want ads and e-mails. But when it comes time to make that phone call, are you really prepared? You might think leaving a message isn’t a big deal, but it really is. Look at it this way; first impressions are always important, and sometimes a phone call isrepparttar first impression people have of you. So makerepparttar 140653 most ofrepparttar 140654 phone calls you make. Job searching is a process, so take every aspect of it seriously. You never know what just might sealrepparttar 140655 deal.

Speak With Confidence

There’s not a lot you can do onrepparttar 140656 phone to sell yourself, so set out to perfectrepparttar 140657 basics. To start with, prepare what you’re going to say and then make sure you feel confident saying it. The phone call should be brief but factual. You want to leaverepparttar 140658 most informational message possible without talking their ear off. If they’re bored of you onrepparttar 140659 phone, they probably won’t want to wait to see what you’re like in person. Be clear and concise and tell them what they need to know. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

* Leave a message for a specific person. Anyone can call and say they’re simply calling about a job or possible opening. If you do a little research to find out who you should speak to, it will only pay off. It will show that you have a sincere interest inrepparttar 140660 job and you’re not afraid to gorepparttar 140661 extra mile to get what you want

The Group Interview

Written by Michelle Roebuck

Sometimes, when going on job interviews, you might end up in a situation where you are in a group interview. A group interview is where you are being interviewed along with several other candidates forrepparttar job. Some professions that might conduct group interviews are sales, education and flight attendants.

The purpose ofrepparttar 140592 group interview is to observe candidates’ interpersonal skills and personality traits. Afterrepparttar 140593 group interview,repparttar 140594 number of candidates is lowered and usually one-on-one interviews are set up.

Potential employers want to see how you interact with other people. This gives them an idea of how you will deal with managers, co-workers and customers. They also want to find out how well you work in a group. Sometimes,repparttar 140595 group is asked to work together in order to solve a hypothetical problem. Whilerepparttar 140596 group is working,repparttar 140597 employer is noticing several things:

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