Using Vintage Hankies To Decorate The Bedroom

Written by Lee Dobbins

Vintage hankies can make interesting wall décor! These treasures of yesteryear are beautifully made with lace and stamped patterns. Have them framed in vintage style frames for a striking effect. Frame them either folded in a corner or fully extended depending onrepparttar pattern. Hanging them on your walls can be easy if you followrepparttar 149905 tips below.

You can use flea market finds or hankies that belonged to your grandmother, but either way you’ll need to set them up in a nice frame. Once you have done that, pick a spot that needs decorating and hang up your new artwork.

Stand back and take a good look. Does it look great or is there something just not right about it?

There are a few common errors that are made while hanging and arranging items on a wall. These errors look awkward torepparttar 149906 eye, but you cannot put a finger on exactly what is wrong or how to fix it. Userepparttar 149907 guidelines below when arranging hankies on a wall:

Hanging Large Pieces:

Hankies in large frames can berepparttar 149908 focus of your décor so you must make sure you hang them in a spot that is appropriate forrepparttar 149909 size and focus. Where isrepparttar 149910 best spot to hang large décor? Try overrepparttar 149911 bed if you don’t have a headboard, behindrepparttar 149912 couch, over a fireplace or on a feature wall. A feature wall is whererepparttar 149913 placement of furniture orrepparttar 149914 layout ofrepparttar 149915 home naturally guidesrepparttar 149916 eye to a wall - a great place to feature hankies.

The Importance of Bunk Bed Mattresses

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Bunk bed mattresses are perhapsrepparttar most important kind of mattresses. This is because safety risks exist when wrong-sized bunk bed mattresses are purchased. As such it is critical to know preciselyrepparttar 149828 size ofrepparttar 149829 mattress you are seeking. After determiningrepparttar 149830 size ofrepparttar 149831 mattress you need,repparttar 149832 two factors to consider are firmness and construction. Firmness refers torepparttar 149833 comfort ofrepparttar 149834 mattress and making sure that it is consistent across all areas. Construction refers to howrepparttar 149835 mattress is manufactured. A more expensive bunk bed mattress will often have thicker padding, higher coil counts, better wire gauge and/or a mattress pad.

Interestingly, while coil count is typically directly correlated withrepparttar 149836 cost of a mattress, it has only a small impact on durability. When a mattress sags, rather, it is caused byrepparttar 149837 padding. As a result, when comparing two bunk bed mattresses, you should look forrepparttar 149838 one with thicker, better quality padding.

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